Zegna Cologne Reviews

Z Zenga by Ermenegildo Zegna is surely one of a kind. In case you’ve never heard of Zegna fragrances before, they are definitely special. Don’t think you’re buying something obscure. Z Zegna is in fact the 2nd fragrance by Ermenegildo Zegna and has a lot to offer. It’s definitely something that’ll make you stand out and the aroma it provides isn’t commonly found on the market. So if you’re someone who enjoys smelling nice, but different than anyone else then Z Zegna cologne for men is definitely for you. The cologne was created in 2005 by Antoine Lie, Pierre Negrin, and Olivier Gillotin.

The cologne generally appears to a younger audience. This is even evident in the sports yet elegant design of the bottle. It has a silver cap and has this elegant transparency and looks like it’s inside of another transparent frame. It’ll definitely catch your eye. You may not pursue this now and when you walk into a store a month from now and see a bottle that catches your eye you’ll remember you read about it here.
When it comes to scent, Z Zegna is certainly unique. It has a splendid mixture of various notes that kind of puts it into a category of its own. At first it’ll open with freshness and a fruity scent thanks to its bergamot, rosemary, and Casoar fruit. Then there’s the spiciness it offers thanks to its notes of iris, nutmeg, and white pepper. It also has notes of musk and oak moss which make it warm and a little bit deeper so it’s not all freshness.

The notes it relies on for freshness are distinct from those in other colognes aiming for the same thing. There’s no citrus such as lemon or orange and there’s no aldehyde either. It relies on its own unique blend for freshness. Unlike most fragrances aiming for freshness it doesn’t just settle for only that. It also combines deeper and darker notes which give it a better rounded performance. So the freshness and bottle design may appeal more to younger generations, but the darker notes may attract older gentlemen as well. In fact someone may start using it while young and decide to keep using it as he got older because it simply fits.

Z Zegna Cologne for Men Notes

Top notes: rosemary, Sicilian bergamot
Middle notes: nutmeg, white pepper, iris
Base notes: patchouli, musk, oak moss, cashmere wood


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