Review of Women’s Favorite Men’s Cologne  


One of the important reasons why men wear perfume is to attract and impress women. You know it’s true. Men are just as self-conscious as women are and they like to get the attention of a lady. Wearing cologne makes a woman look back and want to get a glimpse of who was wearing such a manly musk. We have prepared a list of Women’s favorite colognes on men. Let’s check out the list.

The one thing men should understand is that smell matters. During a job interview, don’t be too flashy with your scent. Be simple and demure yet professional with what you use. Maybe you can’t get the woman you have been eyeing on this past year? Why don’t you try getting yourself one of the best colognes most loved by women on men? You’ll never know what you’re missing.

Obsession by Calvin Klein for Men

True to its name, Obsession Cologne by Calvin Klein is a true obsession for women. Women dig perfumes on men. With no need to introduce the brand, the scent has a hint of oriental refreshing fragrance that gives a tiny pinch of lavender to mask the masculinity in men. It is said to be best recommended for office wear. We all love that good scented hard worker.

BURBERRY Brit Eau de Parfum

Burberry has yet again made eau de toilette worth mentioning on this list. The charismatic aroma of bergamot, cedar wood and grey musk surely leaves the women wanting for more. In addition, it looks good and presentable as a whole. Customers love it and we love it as well. This is a must buy.

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men

We believe Eau de Toilette kinds of sprays last the longest on the skin. This must be what everyone else thinks because for that, Giorgio Armani has made it to the list of favorites of women on men. What’s great about it is that it lasts long on you and it smells wonderful. That is the dream perfume isn’t it? Its fragrance notes include rosemary spices, jasmine, a hint of wood and the oh so breezy ocean as well as citrus. The kind that is an instant stress reliever which is used on a casual play date or a serious board meeting is what women like.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible Extreme Spray for Men

A fresh, masculine and overly sexy scent is brought by Jean Paul Gaultier. Wow! We think this is of course not the least on the list. This is where it is at with scents to pick from. It has what women admire and want for fragrance notes too, pink pepper, vanilla, lavender, grapefruit, and Vetiver. A simple looking, auburn deep blue perfume that soothes the senses; we highly recommend this on the list.


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