Why Use an Aftershave Balm?


Aftershave BalmMen generally opt for conventional aftershaves without knowing the fact that they can be disturbing for sensitive skins. The alcohol content present in aftershaves corrode the skin while an aftershave balm creates a protective layer on the skin. Balms supply the skin with the adequate moisture that was lost during the shaving process. Along with that it acts as a soothing agent that cools the skin, keeps it fresh, preventing razor burns and rashes. These are generally made of natural ingredients and contain no fragrance and alcohol, thus it doesn’t sting when applied on freshly shaven skin. So it is time you shift to an aftershave balm for a healthier skin and a more comfortable shaving experience.

How to use an aftershave balm?

  • Pat your face with cold water just after the shave. This will close the skin pores recently left open due to warm water and friction from your razors. After this gently pat the face dry with a towel.
  • Take a teaspoon amount of aftershave on your palm rub and gently rub your palms together, this will emulsify the balm.
  • Now massage the balm gently in an upward stroke on the shaved areas. Pat softly to make the product absorb fast.
  • Within 3-4 minutes you will see the visible upper layer of the balm sinking in to leave a nice smooth sheen on your face.

So modernize your shaving experience with a nice aftershave balm, choose the ones containing natural ingredients such as essential oils, tea tree oil, shea butter or aloe vera and see your skin stay smooth and young for a longer period of time.


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