What is the Use of an Aftershave Balm?


An aftershave balm is a viscous fluid like product that is used by some men nowadays instead of the traditional aftershave splashes. They contain antiseptic agents and skin toning materials that prevent razor burns and post shave skin irritations. They are called balms because they heal and protect at the same time- along with the soothing effect it covers the skin with a protective layer that restores the moisture of the skin which was lost during the shaving process.

aftershave balm

What is the difference between an aftershave balm and an aftershave splash?

The main difference is alcohol content which is present in a splash but not in a balm. Alcohol cleanses the infections from the skin but at the same time corrodes skin to make it loose its elasticity. Sensitive skin types have special problems tolerating alcohol.

An aftershave balm is usually made of natural ingredients and has other antiseptic agents instead of alcohol so the freshly shaved skin doesn’t sting when it is applied.

An aftershave splash is water based which fails to have a lasting effect. On the other hand a balm is lightweight yet its viscous texture creates a protective covering even after being absorbed in the skin. You will see a visible sheen on your face which will keep the skin healthy and firm.

Many guys have complained of their aftershave smells overpowering their perfume or cologne smell this doesn’t happen with a balm because they come mostly unscented.

Other benefits of an aftershave balm

  • Provides a daily antiseptic for your post shave skin problems and checks any cut from getting infected.
  • Best for the ones who suffer from dry skin or razor bumps because of its hydrating and soothing power.
  • Tightens skin pores and checks acne and excess oil secretion.
  • Keeps it firm and tight to give your skin a younger look.

So give your shaving experience a touch of comfort by shifting to an aftershave balm. Choose the ones with natural ingredients such as aloe-vera, shea-butter or tea tree oil to get a healthy and problem free complexion.


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