What is best- An Aftershave or a Balm?



An aftershave lotion and a balm more or less have the same functions but nowadays modern shavers prefer a balm to an aftershave. Why is this new trend? To get an in depth knowledge about this read on to find out.

Aftershave lotions

They are generally water based and are splashed on the face after a shave to cure the post shave skin problems. They have an astringent agent that locks pores and prevents any aggravation of infections. Aftershaves usually contain alcohol (Check alcohol free aftershaves) which is actually the main antiseptic agent in it. Some of the aftershaves are scented while some are not. Usually the ones having natural ingredients are unscented; they also cut down on the level of alcohol content.


These are viscous gel like creams also used as a substitute of aftershaves because these have added moisturizing agents. They usually do not contain alcohol instead they are packed with the goodness of natural antiseptics and hydrating agents like Shea-butter, aloe-vera, tea-tree oil, chamomile or cucumber extracts. They also come scented but they are not very strong or long lasting. Finally balms are known to provide a protective layer on the skin for a long period of time that keeps the skin firm, smooth and healthy.

Balm or Aftershave

  • this-or-thatBalms have revolutionized post shave skin maintenance by providing healing and protection for the skin.
  • Aftershave lotions usually contain very low amount of moisturizing agent also being an aqua based product its effect is not very long lasting. It gives away in heavy sweat, dust and pollution.
  • Whereas balms give a protective layer owing to its viscous texture which saves the skin from UV rays, dust and pollution.
  • The alcohol content in an aftershave gives a stingy feel when applied on a freshly shaven skin which is why aftershaves are not recommended for sensitive skin types.
  • No or low alcohol content in a balm soothes the skin very fast and is perfect for all and especially sensitive skin types.
  • Also in case of dry skin types a balm is recommended as it supplements the inherent moisture of the skin which was lost during the shaving process this cannot be done by an aftershave which can only strip the skin off its moisture.
  • Both can tighten the skin pores but the balm has special anti-inflammatory agents which checks acne, excess oil secretion and development of ingrown hair.
  • However the ones with oily skin can opt for an aftershave if they find the residual layer of a balm to greasy for them it is more benefiting to use a light alcohol based aftershave to keep their oil secretion in control.

So now based on your preferences you are free to take your pick between a balm and an aftershave. Hope this article enlightened you sufficiently.


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