What are the Best Strong Perfumes for Men?


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When it comes to men’s colognes, there are scents that make a man smell great and scents that leave a lasting impression. These fragrances are sure to create intrigue for the people around you and as you walk away, you won’t soon be forgotten. For men that know what they want in all aspects in life, there should be a strong perfume to match it. The best perfumes that match bold men are sure to bring plenty of intrigue and passion into the lives of those that dare to wear it. Here it is, a list of the best strong perfumes designed for men.

Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men

Nautica Voyage long lingering perfume for men is one of the best selling colognes out there because it lasts. Women can’t help but look when they catch the scent of this cologne as you walk by. It has an airy scent and yet is very strong. While the scent itself is not overpowering, it is strong and you need very little when you apply. Sail away with this strong perfume for men and find your adventure.

Curve By Liz Claiborne For Men

This perfume is designed with the bold man in mind. For the youthful gent who craves the uncertainties in life. Naturally attractive to women, the strong perfume and the bold man are edgy and ambitious. Curve complements the spirit of this edgy man with all of his life experiences. An extra means to attract the interesting people that this bold man seeks in life.

John Varvatos By John Varvatos For Men

This masculine strong perfume for men is intriguing with its multitude of intense fragrances that put together the all-around scent. With its complex blends that evoke sensuality, this men’s cologne gets attention. The refined man who is used to getting attention from the opposite sex will wear this cologne well.

Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men

A classic men’s fragrance that has long been known for its strong and masculine scent. A favorite for men who are respected and adored. Long lasting and intense, a women will know immediately that you are adventurous and enjoy luxury. Eternity has a refreshing scent that is easy recognizable. If you are a man who likes the finer things in life, this men’s perfume is for you.

Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers for Men

For men who live on the edge, this strong scented perfume for men is for you. The scent is seductive to women and is best embraced by a man that is independent and masculine. Women will get the impression that you are daring and energetic. Don’t be surprised when you get an instant following of people wanting to know more about you. Great for nights out on the town when you’re looking to leave an impression of sexy fearlessness.

Bvlgari Man Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

A musky balmy fragrance for the masculine spirit. The strong fragrance from Bvlgari is for the authentic man that is adored by many. It’s modern and sophisticated scent is for men that are confident, easily attracting people to him. Perfect as an all-day scent whether you’re in a suit or play clothes.


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