Vince Camuto Cologne Review

What hits your mind when you try to imagine what truly defines masculine cologne? Well, my guess would be; a leather cover, a hardy bottle, compact design, dark colored exterior, strong atomizer, and not dominating aroma. The Vince Camuto Cologne redefines masculinity by all measure. Every part of it was well-thought out. It boasts a royal blue interior with a bottle encased in classy black leather, and the Camuto family crest in the gunmetal. This is precisely what should be expected of any masculine cologne. It is one of those colognes that exude class, guns, quest of women, desire, pleasure, heavy cars, and rock star life. It is subtle and yet intriguing thanks to the blend of notes that entice your senses. Its masculine fragrance smells modern and is not overpowering. Buyers describe it as sweet smelling and purely masculine. Some say all they get are compliments wherever they go. They also feel the price is perfect for the cologne.

Vince Camuto Cologne Description

Vince Camuto Cologne for men graced the fashion stores for the first time in 2012. It was a complete game changer in men’s cologne market. The brand is known best for its chic clothing line that has never disappointed. Its women’s cologne was launched earlier on in 2011 and it was a success. As for the Vince Camuto Cologne for men, expect nothing short of best quality. Its modern and manly aroma will strike your senses on first encounter. It is appealing, strong, and not overpowering. The formulation is top-notch, thanks to the combination of notes that have blended well to bring out one-of-a-kind cologne. This is an ideal wear for almost any occasion even though it suits well a night out with friends in town. The scent is longer lasting and its packaging aesthetic and luxurious. The rectangular shaped bottle is wrapped in stylish leather stamped with the family’s crest.

Vince Camuto Cologne Notes

Top Notes

Italian Bergamot, Black Pepper, Mandarin

Middle Notes

Lavender, leather accord, Nutmeg

Base Notes

Precious woods, Vetiver, Musk, Patchouli

When to Wear Vince Camuto Cologne

The Vince Camuto Cologne is available in 50 and 100ml. The sensual and pleasing fragrance is very refined and it is indeed a grown-up scent. This cologne is ideal for those in suits and cufflinks and not best suited for the teenager or those on t-shirts and baggy jeans. Best use is during those business meetings or regular office work. The cologne stands out from the crowd.  Apply it directly on clothes, neck, or arms for best effect.




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