Using an Aftershave To Avoid Skin Problems


Man touching his face after shavingUsing an aftershave is very much important because it takes care of the daily skincare needs of a man. Apart from taking care of the post shave skin problems like redness, irritations, razor burns and rashes it also acts as a skin toner by tightening your skin pores. Shaving associates a lot of exfoliation which exposes the soft inner layers of your skin, if they are not treated rightly rashes and irritation might persist, causing skin damage. So an aftershave is just the right fix to take care of the newly exposed skin layer because it nourishes and acts as an antiseptic agent. It also acts as a thorough cleanser so that your skin looks squeaky clean and smooth after a nice shave. There are some aftershaves which takes care of the Ph balance of your skin so that it doesn’t lose too much of oil and stays moisturized. While there are some that provides you protection from the sun, dust and pollution and gives your face a fresh feeling with a lingering fragrance all day. So always use an aftershave and choose wisely befitting your requirement.

How to use an Aftershave

  • Rinse your face thoroughly with cold water after you are done shaving. This will partially close the skin pores which got exposed due to the hair removal and use of hot water.
  • Do not dry your face, leave it wet.  Then pour the aftershave, about a teaspoon full amount on your palms.
  • Give your hands a quick rub for about 2-3 seconds.
  • Then leave your hands open for about 4-5 seconds. This will evaporate major portions of the alcohol from the aftershave so that it doesn’t sting when applied on your cheeks.
  • Finally gently stroke your aftershave in a downward motion on your face and neck.

Hope, you got know all that you wanted, regarding the use of an aftershave.  Do not neglect your skin and take care of it by daily using one.


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