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Usher by Usher for men is one youthful cologne. It is fresh and fruity—a pleasingly mild scent for the young men who are to transition yet to using men’s colognes. This Usher cologne for men’s characteristic scent, combined with its inexpensive price tag illustrate that it banks beyond the celebrity name to sell.

Young Men’s Cologne

This celebrity cologne may seem unsophisticated to some men. But this may be because the appeal of Usher is rather not universal, but seemingly for the younger generation of men only. Those who haven’t been exposed much to men’s colognes or are yet to experiment which one to sport among the mature, manly fragrances would find this as a good starter cologne. With an overarching vibe of freshness, it blends the combination of fruity and spicy—the latter being characteristic of men’s colognes. So for teens who would like to take their fragrance choice to the next level, they could consider Usher with it being on the “borderline” of the cologne for young men’s and men’s.

The fruity opening of this cologne is not strong or heavy, but with a “just-right” rating—one’s olfactics can be immediately at ease and pleased with it. The top notes are then of lemon verbena, melon, and pineapple. The sweet scent layers into spicy and musky, courtesy of the middle and base notes. These notes also give Usher that woody, masculine vibe.

The middle notes account for the subtle spicy and woody scent with blue lavender, vetiver, violet leaf, and white pepper. The woody scent further becomes prominent through the base notes of the woody and musky amber, musk, sandalwood, and suede.

The dry down is not too distinctive, with no remarkable transition among the layers of notes. This may be the reason why this Usher cologne for men is considered as very simple, though unsophisticated may be a good label to consider.

Usher by Usher for men Review

Youthful Masculinity

This is a cologne in which the masculine vibe is very subtle. But in the context of being a fragrance for young men, such level of masculine vibe may be considered as age appropriate. The sillage of this men’s cologne only fares as moderate. But it doesn’t mean though that it’s incapable of drawing compliments from women. With its pleasingly fresh scent, the liking for this cologne is almost universal. And don’t forget how women love to savor sweet, which is just how this fragrance it.

This Usher cologne for men might require a little more spraying in the course of the day though, as the longevity is at 6 hours max on the average. While it doesn’t fare well in terms of sillage and longevity, and the overall, unsophisticated fragrance just “likeable”, a bottle of this cologne is still a must grab. The appeal to wearers, again, is quite niche. But even the price tag, such as that of the 3.4 ounce Eau de Toilette Spray bottle, is scaled for young men. Usher may also be worn by men beyond mid-20s if they opt for that cool, casual fragrance. The cologne is perfect for cooler seasons such as winter and spring, may it be for day or night wear.


Usher by Usher for Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4-Ounce offers a fresh and fruity scent. It lightly layers fruity, spicy, and woody notes, making it suitable for young men’s wear. The longevity and sillage are average, but it’s a cologne which has its distinctive appeal, as well as an inexpensive price tag.

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