UR by Usher for Men Cologne Review and Rating


UR by Usher for Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4-Ounce is entwined with the fragrance of sandalwood, Guaiac wood, Bay leaf, sea water, Artemisia, Cashmere wood, Fruity notes, Basil and Nutmeg.

Given below are some specifications about this cologne for a thorough understanding about the product:

Special components of this cologne:

  • Cologne fragrance: It is loaded with different ingredients which together makes it a great fragrance. The fragrance is entwined with scents of sandalwood, Guaiac wood, Bay leaf, sea water, Artemisia, Cashmere wood, Fruity notes, Basil and Nutmeg. All these fresh components don’t make the fragrance too overwhelming but is pretty soft.
  • Lasting Capacity: The scent is sweet and won’t leave the body too effectively. It is extraordinary for long outdoors and lasts for the whole day. It is best suggested to use it twice daily for a better coverage

Events suited for:

If you are among those who likes fresh scent then you will totally love this fragrance. It is great for romantic outdoors as it is not that overwhelming or overpowering and won’t shove people away from you. Wear it on any kind of attire and you will be a hit among the ladies.

Safety measurements:

Every last aroma has some wellbeing concerns to deal with like:

  • Should just be utilized for outside purposes
  • Maintain a safe separation from the eyes.
  • Keep far from kids
  • Better to evade it if there should arise an occurrence of a delicate skin.
  • It is an incendiary substance and ought to be avoided blaze and other provocative component.
  • Should be kept in dry and cool territories.
  • Avoid it from interacting with the sun.
  • Highly encouraged to abstain from splashing it in a smoldered, cut or wounded skin as it may compound the condition.
  • If for some other reason there is any aggravation, then it best encouraged to back off or quit its usage.

Points to remember:

The fragrance of a specific scent relies on upon numerous components. The lasting capacity of the scent differs from individual to individual because of different skin related and external factors. So, if you too aren’t experiencing the benefits of this fragrance then you might owe it to the scent varying factors.

Down point:

It is very important to take into account the ingredients present in the fragrance, as their might be some elements that a person might not like or could be allergic to the same. Some might like a scent and others might not but that totally is an individual’s preference.

Final verdict:

The fresh properties present in this scent make it a great fragrance for any kind of people irrespective of the age. Just a spray of this scent in the wrists, neck, ear and knees can turn the heads around and will leave a long lasting impression on everybody around.

7.8 Awesome
  • Longevity 9.0
  • Projection 7.0
  • Scent 8.5
  • Complexity 6.0
  • Price 8.5
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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