Uomo Cologne Review

There are fresh colognes then there’s Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna. Zegna had previously made a cologne collection called Essenze and in 2013 released Uomo which is one of the freshest and most citrusy fragrances out there. Zegna created it with the desire to emulate Italian aromas and Italian style. He is famous for saying “You buy a fragrance, you buy a dream. It’s easier to sell dreams with fragrances than with fashion.” This is what he’s trying to achieve through his fragrances.

The main notes in this cologne are citrus, bergamot, and violet. They’re more than enough to keep you fresh and energized throughout the day. It’s like jumping in a swimming pool except all the time not just once. That’s the kind of freshness you’re going to get. It’s not just about that, but you’ll also be getting compliments from people who will love being around you due to the wonderful fragrance. Even people who usually steer away from citrusy scents have found this irresistible.

This is one of those that almost qualify as capable of being a signature scent. The first reason it doesn’t is that some people found its violet notes to be a little too synthetic which kind of ruined it for them. You should try it yourself though and if you don’t feel the same way then you can definitely forget all about this. The second reason is that it’s mainly a scent for the summer. This is understandable of course considering how fresh it is and its main notes. There’s a very low possibility than this can be pulled off in the winter which is the season for darker notes. It’s also more suited for the day. Smelling this fresh at night at a fancy party for example would seem strange and out of the ordinary. You’d definitely stand out, but probably not in a good way. If only it could be worn throughout the year and at night it would’ve been a strong contender for a signature scent. Perhaps what makes it so special and unique is also what limits it to certain times of the year and day. At a price of about 20$ it’s really not expensive and definitely a wonderful option for wear casually during your day.

Uomo Cologne by Zegna Note

Citruses, Calabrian bergamot, violet leaves, vetiver, cedar


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