2015 Top Fragrances for Women


There are hundreds of perfumes for women to try, and not every woman will like the same one. While it is impossible to find a fragrance that fits every woman, there are some that every woman should at least try. These perfumes are all unique, and were created to make a woman feel sexy, confident, and beautiful.

Our Picks for the Best Perfumes for Women

These are five of the best perfumes men love for women to wear, and each one is an enticing fragrance that is designed to make a woman feel feminine and beautiful.

Pure Poison by Dior

Pure Poison by Dior

This alluring fragrance has top notes of jasmine and bergamot with fruity middle tones of tangerine and sweet scented orange blossom and frangipani. The base of the perfume is sultry and sexy with notes of sandalwood and amber. It is a sensual woman’s perfume that is guaranteed to make any evening romantic.

Contradiction by Calvin Klein

CONTRADICTION EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 1.7 OZ WOMENEvery woman needs a perfume that is as unexpected as she is. The strong floral notes are decidedly feminine while the base of the fragrance is sensual and alluring. It is a bold perfume for a confident woman, and can be worn for any occasion. The top notes of rose, jasmine, peony, and lily of the valley are paired with the heart of the fragrance which includes accords of pear blossom, orchid, syringa, and eucalyptus. The base notes are rich sandalwood and Tonka bean which gives the perfume its distinctive fragrance.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Fancy Love EDP by Jessica SimpsonThe sexy blond actress has created a perfume that will make any woman feel beautiful and alluring. It is a feminine fragrance that is unforgettable. While it is a perfume men love women to wear, it is also a fragrance that can also become her favorite. It opens with notes of goji leaves, peach blossoms, and bergamot that are blended with the middle accords of peony, plumeria, jasmine, lotus, orange and Turkish rose. The base of the delicate fragrance is musk, amber, and patchouli which is what gives the perfume its sensual appeal.

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armania

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio ArmaniaOften considered the best perfume for women, it is a floral fragrance that is both mesmerizing and comforting. The fragrance is as elegantly designed as one Armani’s feminine dresses, which make any woman feel captivating and seductive. The perfume is an expert blend of honey, orange blossoms, and vanilla to give any woman a feeling of innocence with a hint of a seductive side.

Gucci by Gucci

This Italian fragrance can be worn every day, and was created to give women alluring confidence. The first scent of orange blossoms reminds you of spring, and it is mixed with Tunisian orange for the heart note. Honey and vanilla round the perfume out, and make this one of the best fragrances for women.



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