Top 5 Nature Inspired Men’s Colognes


Colognes that are inspired by nature are fresh, inviting, and sensual. The green accords give these fragrances an earthy and natural appeal that seems to draw people in closer. Often mixed with warm woods and spicy notes, these fragrances are designed for men who do not want to hide behind their colognes. While there are several masculine colognes that are inspired by nature, some appear more often in fragrance collections than others. Here are a few of the top rated men’s colognes that were inspired by the scents, tastes, and feelings found in nature.

Men’s Fragrances Inspired by Nature

Lacoste Live by Lacoste for Men

Lacoste Live by Lacoste for MenWith woody and sweet accords, this men’s cologne is refreshing and inviting. The natural scents mingle with the fresh sea notes to bring you the natural scent of the woods by the ocean. It is the perfect men’s fragrance to wear for a day at the beach, or as a way to keep yourself energized during a long day at work. Fresh, inviting, and never cloying, this cologne captures all of the best ocean scents in nature.

Top notes: fresh lime
Middle notes: sea notes and green leaves
Bottom notes: liquorice and guaiac wood


  • This men’s cologne has a light and refreshing scent that is always welcome.
  • The beautifully redesigned glass bottle as uniquely cubed shaped and makes an elegant and striking addition to your cologne collection.
  • Is the perfect scent for outdoor and casual occasions, along with daytime office wear.
  • This cologne has a long lasting fragrance with a unique hint of liquorice.


  • It is a simple fragrance that might not be ideal for more formal occasions.
  • This light cologne has a lower silage, and can be overpowered by stronger odors.
  • Some consumers have mentioned that it is too similar to other colognes introduced by Lacoste.

Versace Man by Versace

Versace Man by VersaceOne of the first things you will notice is the elegantly carved indigo glass bottle that houses this exquisite nature inspired men’s cologne. It has a distinctive Latino flavor that is echoed in its sensual and exotic notes. This cologne is romantic and bold, just like the man that wears it.

Top notes: bergamot, angelica, and neroli
Middle notes: cardamom and saffron
Bottom notes: labdanum and ambary, tobacco, and cashmir


  • This is a unique men’s fragrance inspired by the natural scents of Latin America and the Orient.
  • It’s warm hints of tobacco and light floral scent creates a pleasant contrast that is sensual and inviting.
  • The cologne is rated well for longevity and silage.


  • It’s blend of Latino and Oriental nature inspired scents may be too complex for some casual occasions.
  • The warm and rich smell of the tobacco accords can be overpowering for some men.

Green Irish Tweed by Creed for Men

Green Irish Tweed by Creed for MenThere is nothing more inviting than the smell of the Irish countryside after a rain, and this is what is captured with this inviting fragrance. It is light, fresh, sporty, and memorable, and will make you welcome wherever you go. Classified as a fougere, this aromatic men’s fragrance has been a favorite since its introduced in 1985.

Top notes: lemon verbena and iris
Middle notes: violet leaves
Bottom notes: sandalwood and ambergris


  • This is a simple and fresh men’s fragrance that is instantly recognizable anytime you walk into a room.
  • It is rated well for longevity and silage, to keep you fresh all day.
  • Ideal for men at any age, the fragrance also makes an excellent signature scent.


  • It’s simplicity might not be ideal for men who prefer a cologne with a richer body.
  • Some men feel that its nature inspired fragrance is not suitable for more formal occasions.

Terre D’ Hermes by Hermes for Men

Terre D’ Hermes by Hermes for MenThis is a citrusy and woodsy fragrance that is designed to be sensed in layers. Inspired by the same layers in nature, this men’s cologne strives to give you an entire sensory experience. Opening with woody scents, you gradually move on to the refreshing citrus to finally experience the darker and earthier notes on the fragrance’s bottom. It is a uniquely scented men’s cologne that manages to convey all of the complexities found in nature.

Top notes: orange and lemon
Middle notes: pepper and mingled fresh spices
Bottom notes: vetiver, flint, cedar, resins, and benzoin


  • This is a complex nature inspired fragrance that is difficult to pin down, and evolves in rich layers.
  • Its’ refreshing citrus accords will keep you feeling energized and invigorated.
  • This cologne is rated well for silage and longevity.


  • This men’s cologne may be too complex for some younger men.
  • Unlike other nature inspired colognes, this one is heavier and has a darker body that might not appeal to all men.

Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

Dior Homme Intense by Christian DiorWoody and floral this men’s cologne is perfect for romantic picnics and strolls through the park. It has a light and refreshing scent that will remind you of a spring afternoon, without becoming too sweet or feminine. Its lighter floral scent only adds to your masculinity as its mixes with the rich and sensual woody accords.

Top notes: lavender
Middle notes: musk mallow, iris, and pear
Bottom notes: Virginia cedar and vetiver


  • This is a light and refreshing men’s cologne that is never overpowering, and ideal for casual days outside.
  • It’s elegant bottle makes a beautiful addition to your cologne collection, along with its affordable price.
  • The fragrance has a good rating for silage and longevity.
  • Its nature inspired fragrance is ideal for all men, and can be worn as a signature scent during the warmer months.


  • Some men may feel that this cologne is too simple for their tastes.
  • The stronger floral opening notes can occasionally be considered slightly overpowering.
  • It should be noted that this is considered a musky men’s cologne due to the strong opening scent of lavender.

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