The Top 5 Deodorants For Men List


Men have choices when it comes to choosing a deodorant that includes everything from type of ingredients, to scent, and even medicinal properties. Men’s deodorants can moisturize the skin in this forgotten area, along with helping to keep you dry and odor free. You can also find men’s deodorants in a variety of scents, including some that are designed to match your signature cologne. While we can’t choose the best men’s deodorants for you, we can give you a brief review of this year’s consumer favorites.

Dove Men + Care AntiperspirantDove Men + Care Antiperspirant

This men’s deodorant has a fresh, clean sweat and a powerful formula that will keep you dry and odor free all day. You get total 48 hour protection against embarrassing underarm sweat and odor, along with the benefit of Dove’s patented ¼ moisturizing formula. Raise your arms with confidence no matter the occasion, and enjoy the clean scent that will keep you energized all day. Clinically tested by dermatologists and rated safe for sensitive skin, you can improve the appearance of your underarms and protect yourself from sweat and odor.

Herban Cowboy Forest DeodorantGillette Clear Gel Cool Wave

This natural deodorant is safe to use on all skin types, and will give you complete protection against embarrassing underarm odor. It is designed for the man that loves the outdoors, and it contains no alcohol or other chemical additives. You will enjoy long lasting odor protection without the unnecessary ingredients found in other men’s deodorants, at an affordable price. Enjoy the soothing benefit of aloe as it moisturizers your sensitive skin, and the rice starch helps to absorb odor causing sweat. With the fresh scents of rosemary and sage, you can have the confidence to raise your arms with this natural men’s deodorant.

Gillette Clear Gel Cool Wave

Gillette Clear Gel Cool Wave

The quick drying formula lets you get dressed right after applying the deodorant without worrying about leaving white marks on your clothing. The cool and refreshing scent will keep you feeling and smelling clean all dry, while helping to invigorate your senses. The powerful formula will give you long lasting protection against underarm wetness and odor, and it is also safe to use on sensitive skin. The strong gel formula will keep you sweat free during workouts and stressful business meetings, and the long lasting formula will keep you odor free long into the night.

Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc

Clubman Pinaud Finest Talc

This deodorant has been protecting men from embarrassing sweat and odor since 1810, and is still being used around the world today. Losing none of its popularity in over 200 years, you know that this men’s deodorant has proven to be effective. Unlike other products this is a fine talc powder that you sprinkle underneath your arms. It works to absorb sweat and odor, so you feel and smell fresh and clean all day. The talc is safe to use on all skin types, and won’t cause any irritation. Since there isn’t a fragrance associated with the powder, you never have to worry about it interfering with the scent of your aftershave or men’s cologne.

Degree Men’s Antiperspirant and DeodorantDegree Men's Antiperspirant and Deodorant

You will love the fact that this deodorant and antiperspirant glides on smooth and clear. This gives you the confidence to raise your arms, without worry about embarrassing white flakes and clumps of deodorant clinging to your skin. The fresh, clean scent is invigorating and will remind you of cool breezes even during long office days. This men’s deodorant will give you complete 24 hour protection against wetness and odor, and its specialized formula works harder when it feels your body temperature increasing. Enjoy complete confidence all day and night, with this heat sensitive men’s deodorant.


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