Top 10 French Perfume Brands: The Epitome of Style



French are known for their style and fashion sense all over the world. When we talk about class and beauty the first thing that comes up in the mind is the style and panache that the French have. It is because of this reason that the French fashion industry with time have come up with some breathtaking fragrances and perfumes. Fashion giants like, Chanel, Christian Dior and many more are the names that people speak when they talk about French fragrances.

In this article we will go through some of the best French perfume brands that have made a name of their own in the world of perfumers because of the immaculate fragrances they deliver. The list below has the top ten brands of French perfumes that define the class and style the French are known for. To know more scroll down to have a look.


This name is a common for somebody who knows anything about fashion. This fashion house has style that is unmatched to any of its contemporaries and it shows in the perfumes that they manufacture. The company was the brainchild of Gabrielle Chanel popularly known as Coco Chanel and was introduced to the world of fashion in the year of 1909. It started off as a fashion house that had an expertise in ready to wear clothing line, handbags, cosmetics and many more, but one thing that made it popular worldwide is its irresistible perfumery.


The second brand to make a cut in the top ten lists of the French perfume brands is Guerlain. The company was founded in the year of 1828. The perfume that is made by this particular company is unique and has a character. The first perfume that was launched by this particular company was of their own name in the year of 1921. It is considered among one of the classic perfume brands in the world.

Christian Dior:

This company has a line of some of the best-selling and smelling perfumes in the world at present. The company was founded by the famous man itself, Christian Dior. The first perfume that was launched by the company was Miss Dior and since then have been making some famous perfumes that smell heavenly. Perfumes such as Poison, Addict, and Homme are some of the famous perfumes launched by this company. Presently the company is controlled by Mr. Bernard Arnault.


The next French perfume brand that is worth the mention is the creator of Eau de Cartier, Santos de Cartier, Le Baiser Du Dragon, So Pretty, Delices De Cartier, Must de Cartier, and Must de Cartier Pour Homme. Cartier was launched in the year of 1847 and was popular for their watches and jewelry until 1981 when it is came with perfumes which with time are known for the way they smell.


The next perfume brand which has made a sharp entry to the list of the top ten French perfume brands is Givenchy. The company was founded by the famous designer named Hubert de Givenchy in the year of 1952. It was previously known for their apparel brands and still is but is also popular for the fragrances that the company produces.

Lancôme Paris:

A company that was previously known for the make-up and cosmetic products it produced. The company came in to the scene in the year of 1935 and from the year of 1964 started making cosmetic and make-up items. The famous perfumes that have been produced by the company are Magnifique, Tresor in Love, Magie Noire, O De Lancome, Miracle, Poeme, Tresor and O Oui.


The seventh perfume brand that made its way in to the top ten lists is Cacharel. The company is famous for its apparel and accessories and was launched in the year of 1964. The fashion house was founded by Jean Bousquet, the son of sewing machine salesman. Some of its famous perfumes are Noa, Loulou, Nemo, Loulou Blue and many more.


Initially this fashion brand was founded by a Spanish designer named Cristóbal Balenciaga in the year of 1914. The brand was later taken over by a multinational company of France named PPR. The first perfume that was launched by the brand was Le Dix in the year of 1946.


If you are little bit familiar about fashion then Hermes should be known by you. Hermes was founded by the designer, Thierry Hermes in the year of 1837. The main products that are manufactured by the company are clothing, luxury products and perfumes. The company launched its first perfume in the year of 1951 and since then has been famous for the breathtaking fragrances that it had produced for both men and women.


This company with the crocodile logo was founded in the year of 1933 and made its name with apparel production. The other productions by this company are leather goods, watches, footwear and many more. But one thing that is very famous about this company is its perfume line. The famous perfumes manufactured by the company are Inspiration, Elegance, Lacoste Pour Homme, Essential Sport, Essential, Joy of Pink and Challenge.

These were some of the famous French brands that are known for the irresistible perfumes they produce. The companies have been making such perfumes for a long time and are very popular among customers worldwide. So, next time when you are out shopping and want to add to the collection of your perfumes then the above brands should be the priority in your list.


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