Tommy Hilfiger Cologne Spray for Men Review


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Tommy Hilfiger Cologne for Men was launched by the famous designer house Tommy Hilfiger. The fragrance comes with the ingredients of spearmint, apple pie, Cranberry, cinnamon and tangy citrus.

We bring you some of the comprehensive description of the remarkable structures of this cologne for the active buyer for a possible buy:

Special components of this cologne:

  • Cologne fragrance: It is loaded with different ingredients which together makes it a great fragrance. The elements of spearmint, apple pie, Cranberry, cinnamon and tangy citrus gives away a sweet and fresh smell.
  • Lasting Capacity: The smell is sweet and will not leave the body too easily. It is great for long outdoors, even after you are done with your activities the scent won’t leave you too easily.

Events suited for:

It is equally great for both day and night. Be it a prom night, office parties, an evening date, a wedding party or any other occasion it can definitely give your body the upsurge of energy needed for uplifting the body mind and soul.

Instructions for Users

One can apply the product directly to the skin, though for kids, it should not be used directly on the skin. If you are suffering from skin rashes or other skin problems, then do not use it on the skin directly. To preserve the cologne, one should keep the bottle in a dry and dark place.

Points to remember:

The scent of a particular perfume depends on many factors like, the person’s skin type whether oily or dry, diet the person takes, the stress level they go through and even the mood swings. Such body chemistry might affect the lasting capacity of the scent on a person’s body and even the combination of the mixture the fragrance has.

Down point:

The combination of the ingredients present in a particular scent might not be preferred by some people, even some might be allergic to some of the ingredients present in it. So it is best advised to go through the combination before buying it.

Final verdict:

This strong perfume is great for any age and even any time of the 24 hours of the span. It is really a great gift option to your male friend or boyfriend. Just a spray of this scent in the wrists, neck and behind the ear and you can get engulfed in its freshness.

8.3 Great!
  • Longevity 9.5
  • Projection 8.0
  • Scent 9.0
  • Complexity 7.0
  • Price 8.0
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