Tommy Bahama St. Barts Cologne Review

People can be classified into a thousand categories based on their likes and dislikes. One of these major categories is whether you prefer summer or winter. It’s an eternal battle. Those who prefer summer look at those who prefer winter like they’re crazy and vice versa. You can’t get either side to see things from a different perspective. For those who enjoy the summer Set Sail St. Barts for Men by Tommy Bahama will provide the ultimate summer experience.

Winters can be long and even if it’s summer and you don’t live near a beach it can be frustrating. Sometimes all you want to do is go sit on the beach for a couple of days and leave your worries behind. This is the experience Set Sail St. Barts cologne for men gives you. Its notes include sea notes, lime, tequila, guava, salt, and plenty of other things that remind you of the beach and all its beauty. It’s basically the beach in a bottle. You spray it on and leave your worries behind.

You can also wear it to work and not care about a thing. It’ll keep you fresh and leave you relaxed while everyone else in the office is stressed from all the work. After everything we’ve just talked about can you imagine wearing it in December or at night? Probably not. You would simply smell strange and like you don’t fit in. Wear it in June on an afternoon though and people won’t be able to resist you. You’re bound to get plenty of compliments wearing this in the summer.

There aren’t many fragrances in the lime/alcohol category and certainly very few who are worth buying. Set Sail St. Barts is in that category and it can be argued that it’s at the very top of it. It costs about 65$ which isn’t expensive for getting the ocean and the sun in a bottle. This could definitely be your summer fragrance. It comes in a neat blue bottle that is shaped like a parallelogram with rounded edges. All fitting in with the beach theme.

Set Sail St. Barts by Tommy Bahama Cologne notes

Top notes: lime, tequila, sea notes, agave
Middle notes: guava, green notes, salt
Base notes: musk, vanilla, palm leaf

Tommy Bahama St. Barts Men Cologne,3.4 Fl Oz
List Price: $65.00
Price: $65.00
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