Tom Ford Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford Cologne for Men Review


Tom Ford cologne for men was introduced in 2009 by no less than one of the world’s most renowned style icons, Tom Ford, erstwhile fashion director of the House of Gucci.  Ford’s entry into the fashion world was by no means conventional. He had a degree in architecture from Parson’s University in Manhattan, making him an unlikely candidate as a fashion house designer. Due to his passion and determination, Ford was able to land a job in a fashion house. He worked for four years in American fashion companies but soon realized that he could express his talents more in the city where he had his internship – Paris. He applied to the near-bankrupt Gucci, and as they say, the rest is history.

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Tom Ford Grey Vetiver was designed with the thought of giving the younger generation the feel of success and luxury. It’s actually dubbed the Vertiver of the 21st century and is usually the preferred fragrance of modern male professionals – carefree, but not careless; mature, but not too serious; not too young, not too old, just somewhere in between.

The Whole Package

This perfume comes in a beautiful bottle made of frosted glass featuring a silver cap. Its appearance is elegant and sophisticated.


Vetiver’s are known for their strong, smoky aroma that’s usually favored by older gentlemen. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver has done a great job capturing that scent with this cologne. It opens with the warm and earthy, light and smoky scent of vetiver while blending perfectly with the bright citrus smell of grapefruit, orange blossoms and sage.

The vetiver stays on while mixing with orris, nutmeg and pimiento towards the middle, giving it a slightly spicy smell. It than finishes off with oakmoss and amber, giving it the woody, earthy notes. The vetiver still smells interesting even as it has been worn for awhile. Each ingredient blends well with the others, producing a scent that’s subdued yet long-lasting.

It’s a casual fragrance that anyone can wear anytime but especially during spring and summer, when the sun spreads its warmth and the air smells fresh and clean. However, it’s not a fun fragrance that you can wear while playing sports or strolling at the beach. It’s more of a scent that you would wear to formal activities like working at the office, in business meetings, presentations, and the like.

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Because Tom Ford cologne for men is an Eau de Parfum (EDP) it has a long lasting fragrance that last anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on your skin, mood, and other factors that affect a scent’s longevity. It even stays on your skin long after the dry down which means that you don’t need to keep reapplying. Just one spray in the morning before heading off to work and another in the late afternoon or in the evening will do.


It has a sexy, masculine scent that doesn’t make others wrinkle their nose when I am around them for long periods of time. While this Eau de Parfum is noticeable it’s not overpowering. In fact, my co-workers and friends always ask me what fragrance I’m using when I have it on.

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In summary, Tom Ford cologne for men is a vertiver that has a light and smoky, citrus fragrance designed for young male professionals. Its sexy, masculine scent is not overpowering and can last from 4-6 hours.

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