Easy Tricks To Make Your Cologne Last All Day


Make Your Cologne Last All DayNo matter how great the longevity of your favorite cologne, it never seems to last all day. While you can always stop off in the men’s room to freshen up, this also requires you to carry a bottle of cologne with you at all times. Not only is this impractical and inconvenient, it can also be messy if the bottle accidentally breaks. Instead of risking an accidental bath in your favorite fragrance, you could try some of these simple tips to help make your cologne last longer.

Tips to Keep Your Cologne Lingering Longer

One thing to remember is that while these tips can help keep you surrounded by your favorite fragrance longer, it can also be slightly overpowering if you apply too much. Over applying men’s cologne will not prolong the fragrance, it only makes it too strong for anyone to comfortably handle.

Suits are making a comeback in men’s wardrobes, and this also means a reappearance of decorative handkerchiefs. Not only can these colorful squares of cloth add a fashionable flair to a suit jacket, it is the perfect place to spray a few drops of your cologne. The light scent will linger with you all day making it unnecessary to continuously reapply your fragrance.

If you are a man who changes his colognes frequently throughout the week, this tip probably won’t work for you. Some men have found that spraying their cologne on their coats will give the appearance of a long lasting scent. While this is only true when you are wearing your coat, it is a nice way to cover the stale aromas found in most forms of public transportation.

For years women have been using scented cotton balls to help their favorite fragrances linger longer, and it can also work for men’s colognes. While you probably won’t be able to slip the scented cotton ball in your purse or bra, there is nothing wrong with using your pocket or briefcase. The cologne scented cotton ball will give a whiff of your favorite fragrance every time you open your brief, or slide your hands into your pants pocket.

Many men do not know that their body chemistry and temperature can affect their colognes. Warmer temperatures can help to intensify cologne, and can also help yours to last longer. Often men’s colognes begin to lose projectivity after a few hours, and this usually happens after you have been sitting still for a long period of time. While you probably do not want to turn the heat up in your office, lightly rubbing one of the pressure points on your neck can rejuvenated your cologne. The light rubbing motion can also help ease pressure so you can relax and enjoy your great smelling cologne.

Women have been using these simple tips for ages, and there is no reason why it cannot also be used by men. Not only will you be able to prolong the life of your cologne, it is also easier than carry a bottle of it with you. Enjoy smelling great all day, and all of the attention you’ll be getting.


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