The Cologne That Has People Saying “I Love the Smell of Young Men”


Pros: long lasting, fresh herbal scents, good projection, portion of sales are donated to charity.

Cons: Can be overpowering, different scents may not mix well, slightly oily feel.

Uses: Younger men, casual day or weekend.


There is a new cologne that is quickly becoming a favorite among younger men, and has many people wondering what they are wearing. Kush Perfume by Kush Perfume is fresh, herbal, and surprisingly sweet. It is becoming the chosen cologne for young men, and its natural scent is also a favorite among younger women. The unisex cologne captures all of the best aromas of the marijuana Kush plant, and blends it with natural vanilla for a uniquely fresh fragrance that is quickly making the best cologne for men in their 20’s.

Our Review of Kush Cologne for Men and Women

Created by Kush Perfume, the unisex cologne uses natural oils and botanicals. While there are no illicit substances used in the perfume, it does have the same scent as the Kush marijuana plant. The cologne’s creators used an ancient method of distilling the perfume, which is what enables it to have the green scent of marijuana blended with the sweeter scent of vanilla and jojoba oil.

Fragrance Notes

kush cologne bottleKush Perfume is a cologne for younger men and women, and it has a fresh earthy fragrance that is drawing attention. There are only two fragrance notes to the perfume, cannabis and vanilla which mingle together to give the cologne a sweet and natural fragrance. The base of the perfume is jojoba oil which has a refreshing scent that helps to keep the sweet vanilla from becoming to overpowering.

The Scent

While the aroma of sweet vanilla is constant, you will also smell the green cannabis. It manages to capture the earthy aroma of marijuana without the “skunky” smell that is often associated with the illegal plant. While the individual notes may break apart during the day, it is still one of the best colognes for younger men.

The Appearance

It should be noted that Kush Perfume is manufactured entirely in the U.S.A., except for the beautiful Italian glass bottle. The clear glass container will capture and reflect the light beautifully, and the elongated gold cap is elegant and decadent. The front of the bottle features the beautifully mature Kush bud that the cologne is named after.

Best Uses

kush cologne CoverThis is a cologne that was designed for younger men and women, though it can be worn by older men for casual occasions. Its earthy fragrance makes it ideal for cooler temperatures, and the sweet vanilla notes will remind you of warm, cozy fires. While the cologne is ideal for the fall and winter, it is not recommended for use during the summer.


This affordable cologne for teenagers and younger men is long lasting with good projection. The elegant Italian glass bottle may look expensive, but in reality it is an affordable men’s cologne even on a student budget. With a fragrance that was designed to entice the younger generation, it is also priced according to their spending habits.


Kush Perfume
Price: $33.99
Price Disclaimer

Kush Cologne for Men and Women is a fresh and earthy scent that is also warming and sweet. Its unique aroma of marijuana may not be for everyone, but it is quickly becoming the best cologne for teenagers and younger men. It is affordable and long lasting, and is rarely overpowering which makes it ideal for younger cologne wearers who are afraid of wearing too much. Perfect for casual occasions, or even a school dance it is a cologne for the younger generation that has many older men and women taking notice.

Scott Crawsby (perfume tester)

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Kush Perfume by Kush Perfume, but I was pleased to notice that it wasn’t as overpowering as I thought it would be. Part of this is due to the notes of vanilla, which manages to keep the cologne from becoming musky. You should be prepared that it will feel slightly oily, and this is due to the jojoba oil base. While it is not too bad, it did leave me feeling a little sticky. It is definitely a cologne for younger guys, especially teenagers.


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