The Best Perfumes With Impressive Sillage


SillageSillage is a very important term in perfumery. It is a term derived from the masters of the perfume makers the French it is pronounced as see- yawj and it means the extent of the waft of your fragrance. It is not the note that hits you bang on when you approach a fragrance counter or the one that you get immediately after applying the perfume it is the one the afterglow of a fragrance. Sillage is perfectly defined by the master perfumer Sophie Labbe the nose behind celebrated fragrances like Calvin Klein Beauty, Very Irresistible by Givenchy and Bulgari Jasmine Noir as “ ..the projection or bloom of a fragrance”. The way a flower fills up the air with the trail of its smell which mild yet lingering is what she meant to define Sillage. Just as a boat trails water current behind it as it drifts forward so does a Sillage linger after you have left the spot.

Sillage is the outcome of vaporization, aided and made possible by chemical mastery done to the perfume. Some notes diffuse very easily on their own like a grapefruit or a citrus note but notes such as musk and spices are heavy they take time to dissociate and make up a strong base and sillage that lasts long. The test of perfumery lies with the perfect manipulation of the sillage so that it doesn’t become too overpowering yet lingers long and nice enough to remind the people of the beauty of the perfume. The whiff that stays back is the blended end result that the perfume has created on its own as a concoction among its ingredients.

Now let’s take a look at some the perfumes available in the market that stick around really well or in refined words have a nice sillage.

OPIUM by Yves Saint Laurent EDT SPRAY For Women 

OPIUM by Yves Saint Laurent EDT SPRAY 3 OZ-1This perfume from one of the leading French perfume brands has a very deep passionate, oriental smell. The mix of spices and floral elements give it a very exotic feel that you can wear in any formal occasion. The base notes contain patchouli, opoponax, vanilla and amber while the heart is made of myrrh, jasmine and pot marigold and the top notes have lilly of the valley, bergamot, vetiver, clove, pepper, coriander and mandarine. This fragrance consists of the same formula that the company is using since 1990s and thus it has become a signature smell of this brand.


  • Top ranking sillage of spicy oriental
  • A warm fragrance for night and formal occasions
  • A mature smell
  • Long lasting


  • Not meant for casual use

Amouage Memoir Woman Extrait de Parfum

Amouage Memoir Woman Extrait de Parfum 50ml 1.7oz New in Box-2Another French masterpiece launched in fall 2010 with a soothing romantic smell. This perfume is blended for sophistication and elegance and makes you the star of the event wear you go. The top notes of the smell comprises of mandarin orange, cardamom, worm wood and pink pepper while the heart consists of incense, clove, pepper, jasmine, white flowers and woodsy notes and finally the base notes have French labdanum, musk, styrax, leather and oak moss.


  • A woodsy sillage that is unique and opulent
  • Long lasting powerful smell
  • A formal smell
  • Fit for fall and winter wear


  • Too warm fragrance not meant for the day or warm months

Dior Addict by Christian Dior – Eau De Parfum Spray 

Dior Addict by Christian DiorNow to talk about the Addict from Dior, the reputed skincare brand all one can say is the beautiful juicy sillage that will enthrall your senses. A very mild feminine fragrance that expresses the passion of a creative woman. The top notes of this smell has rich silk tree blossoms and mandarin, the heart is made of sumptuous neroli, Bulgarian rose, queen of the night and jasmine while the base notes consist of sandalwood, tonka beans and bourbon vanilla.


  • A very sensual fragrance perfect for a date night
  • The sillage is soft and awakens your senses
  • Matured, formal smell


  • Not to be found any

Elegance Absolue by Johan B

Elegance Absolue by Johan B, 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray for Women-4This women’s fragrance from the designer house of Johan B spells magical charm of sophisticated, lady like aura. It has a rich blend of exotic spices and selected flowers and the top notes consist of fresh green leaves, pink pepper and Calabrian bergamot. The heart has a special concoction of Indonesian patchouli, Damascus rose, freesia and caramel while the base notes have white musk, vanilla, tonka beans, and precious woods. A free spirited fragrance that keeps your mood up.


  • The sillage is dewy and fresh
  • Fragrance doesn’t change with time or contact with the skin
  • Fit for all occasions and seasons
  • Mild yet long lasting fragrance


  • Not a very concentrated heavy smell if you are looking for one

Royal Marina Rubis By Marina De Bourbon

Royal Marina Rubis By Marina De Bourbon Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4 Oz-5Since the term sillage is coined by the French they excel in making perfumes with the best guaranteed sillage just like this perfume which gives you a royal feel. It is a comparatively youthful smell with a floral and fruity treat. It is blended with rich and juicy flavors of orange, lemon and guava and the floral additions including peony, mimosa, rose, jasmine and heliotrope. The base note is made very sensuous and strong with amber-wood, sandalwood and musk. This fragrance is a dedication to the French royalty with regard to its stylized cut-glass stopper shaped like the “fleur de lys” or the emblem of the French royal family present in the crown of the royal heir.


  • A youthful fragrance that makes you feel like a princess
  • The sillage is light and floral
  • A romantic afterglow that makes it perfect for a date night
  • A mild fragrance that you can wear anytime


  • Not a very matured smell

Poison By Christian Dior For Women

Poison By Christian Dior For Women. Esprit De Parfum FACTICE 4 Liter empty bottle, Display Bottle-6This is an intense and gorgeous smell from the house of Dior. The rich smell compliments the elegant dark bottle so that it becomes the centerpiece in your dressing table. The top notes of this fragrance are made of Coriander, aniseed, plum, orange honey, rosewood, pimento, wild berries. The heart is made with jasmine, opoponax, tuberose, carnation, cinnamon and frankincense. Finally the base notes heliotrope, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, cedar, vetiver and musk.


  • An enigmatic passionate smell
  • The sillage is very glamorous
  • Long lasting
  • Old school elegance of Dior


  • Not a casual or day wear

GUEPARD by Guepard Eau De Toilette Spray

GUEPARD by Guepard Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 oz for Men-7This one is a charismatic fragrance for men from the house of Guepard. It comes in an elegant ornamental bottle fit for a king. The top notes of the fragrance consist of galbanum, bergamot and juniper whereas the heart has a blend of rosemary, green notes and ebony with a base of musk, vetiver, sandalwood and oakmoss. This emits the raw masculine personality of a quintessential urban man who is adventurous and classy.



  • Not for casual use
  • For comparatively mature men

So now you have the key to finding a rich fragrance that will produce a lasting effect. Always keep in mind the sillage because it defines the depth of your fragrance and determines its longevity so that your fragrance creates a niche of its own and becomes a part of your psyche wherever you go.


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