Silver Shadow By Davidoff Review


Silver Shadow by Davidoff is a rich men’s scent which was created in 2005. This fragrance has an undeniably masculine aroma. Designer of the fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian,


Fresh orange and spicy coriander open the composition, they lead to the mysterious heart combined of hot saffron and patchouli leaves. Warm, pleasant base notes feature sensual amber, benzoin and oak moss.

Age Recommendation:

Silver Shadow by Davidoff is a very underappreciated fragrance. Silver shadow is a very masculine scent. Full of spices and resins all tied up together with warm amber. Extremely well blended, silver shadow just screams class and maturity.

The advertising campaign as seen on this site describes it perfectly. Just like in the advertisement, this scent is best suited for a charming mid 40 man. However, the physical age has nothing to do with it. It’s all about user’s level of maturity.

The feeling:

Dark, deep, sophisticated and fit for a gentleman, Silver shadow is a perfume from Davidoff that keeps a low profile despite being all that beautiful. Which only makes it more unique and treasured by the ones who discover it.

It is one of those fragrances that are too understated to ever become user-popular. Which inevitably means that, it will eventually be reformulated beyond recognition to cut costs or will be discontinued at some point. The coriander, clove and cinnamon are lightly noticeable but with all that said and considering all the culinary notes this fragrance contains it does not come across as a gourmand. It still smells like a men’s fragrance in the traditional sense although it has a contemporary backbone.

 This is just a beautifully mixed work of art. It is a complex yet soft fragrance that belies it’s affordable price tag.

Longevity & Seasons

It is a very nice scent for winter or summer, day or night. It is woody and spicy with a moderate sillage and longevity. And the price is proportionate.


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