Shaving Products for Black Men


Shaving Products for Black Men

Not being racist but truly, different skin complexions require different products. That is why this article endeavours to find out a black man’s shaving requirements. From shaving creams to aftershave lotions some of the best shaving products are listed below.

Magic Razorless Cream Shave Regular Strength

Magic Razorless Cream Shave Regular Strength Light Fresh Scent 6oz Tube-1Specially formulated for a black’s man’s beard this cream can remove the densest of beards within a few minutes to give you quite a few days of smooth clean shave. Cocoa butter helps to keep the skin purified and moisturized. The skin stays healthy and firm without any chances of razor bumps.


  • Quick and lost lasting shave
  • Non oily lightweight
  • No artificial dye or fragrance


  • If left too long the skin starts to burn

Black Opal Mens Razor Bumps Solution System

Black Opal Mens Razor Bumps Solution System-2This product comes with a three stage system consisting of anti- bump cleanser, anti- bump shave gel and anti-bump treatment. The cleanser contains micro beads exfoliating gel which clears out dead skin cells and ingrown hair underneath the skin. The treatment is part is very effective on razor bumps because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


  • Hydrates the face and softens the beard for a clean and comfortable shave.
  • Gives you an intense cleansing
  • For all skin types


  • Slow results

Bump Fighter Cartridge Refill

Bump Fighter Cartridge Refill 5 Ea (6 Pack)-3This is a unique way to fight razor bumps. These blades are specially equipped to relieve you from post shave skin irritations. They are designed with unique Bump-Guard Technology that keeps the blades slightly away from the skin.


  • Specially made for sensitive skin types
  • Works good in novice hands


  • No negative points could be found

Magic Hair Removal & Shaving Cream Smooth Strength Bald Head

Magic Hair Removal & Shaving Cream Smooth Strength Bald Head Maintenance 170g by Magic-4This is the perfect solution if you want to flaunt that clean bald look because it gives you a razor-less process to get one. Apart from hair removal it also helps to maintain a clean smooth look for quite a long time.


  • No need to shave regularly for a clean bald look
  • No side effects or skin irritation
  • Keeps the moisturized


  • Needs to be tested on the skin to check skin suitability.

The Gillette Series Shave Gel With Aloe

The Gillette Series Shave Gel With Aloe, Sensitive Skin, 7 Oz Bottle (Pack of 6)-5This razor gel is formulated with aloe-vera extracts to make it suitable for sensitive skin types. The aloe also prevents burns and rashes during the shaving process by tightening the skin pore. It acts in a three way process by hydrating, protecting and refreshing.


  • Helps to soften the hard or ingrown hair so that they come out without any effort.
  • Lightweight and soothing
  • Keeps the skin cool and refreshed for a long time


  • A thoroughly trusted product having no negative feedback

Now, hope these products satiate your demands and you enjoy a nice and comfortable shave.


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