Sean John I Am King Cologne Review

I am King Cologne for men, released by Sean John Combs in 2009, definitely has a name that’s hard to forget. The name may sound egocentric, but it’s not really about Sean John Combs. He says that the name is directed to those who wear the scent. He believes that we are what we say we are. If we say we’re good for nothing losers then that’s exactly what we are. If we say we’re kings and queens then nothing will get in our way. It’s actually pretty thoughtful and a neat idea behind the name. He repeats that “the name is not a motto for me personally but for all men who buy this fragrance.”

When you think of a king’s fragrance you think it would be something deep and powerful; a scent that conveys confidence and great abilities. Unfortunately I am King doesn’t achieve or fulfill these sensations. The comparisons to a king stop at the name. The fragrance has a citrusy, fresh, and really fruity aroma to it. The most noticeable note is that of cranberry. Definitely not something a king would wear, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. If you enjoy smelling fruity and sweet then this cologne would work great for you. If you’re looking for something to wear that’ll keep you fresh during the summer then this is your scent. It’s probably best if you don’t wear it at night or to fancy outings though.

Basically this isn’t a flashy or very classy fragrance. It’s just something that opens with a fresh fruity smell that quickly fades. If you want something to put on casually on a quick run to the market and back then this will do the job. Otherwise there’s not much use for it and you probably won’t get too many compliments. The fragrance is priced at about 30$ which may be considered a bit expensive for its quality, but to each their own.

I am King by Sean Jean Cologne Notes

Top notes: Tangerine, orange, cranberry
Middle notes: Cassis, sea water
Base notes: Amalfi lemon, French labdanum, cedar, vetiver, oakmoss, sandalwood


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