Romantic Scents For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a special holiday for lovers, and nothing brings couples closer than an enticing fragrance. A warm, sensual cologne or perfume can help set the tone for a romantic evening as the alluring scent of spices and exotic flowers fills the air. Whether you are looking for a special scent to wear on a romantic date or one to give as gift, we have included brief reviews on the most romantic fragrances for 2015.

Best Men’s Colognes for Romance

La Nuit De L’homme Cologne by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a sensual and masculine cologne that has a hint of mystery and exotic spices wrapped in its warm, long lasting scent. It is the perfect men’s cologne to wear for a romantic evening, and it’s elegant brown bottle also makes this male fragrance a perfect gift.

  • Top notes: cardamom
    Middle notes: bergamot, cedar, and lavender
    Bottom notes: vetiver and cumin
  • It has a complex and masculine fragrance that will draw people in closer to you.
    Good longevity and silage ensures that this exotic fragrance lasts through the night.
    The uniquely designed brown bottle makes an elegant addition to any cologne collection.
  • This mysterious and sensual men’s cologne is priced slightly higher than other brands.
    Some men may find the spicy scent of cardamom too strong for their tastes.

Usher By Usher For Men

With marine and spicy accords, this male fragrance is fresh and inviting. It is the perfect men’s cologne to help you stay relaxed and confident during your date, and its aromatic fragrance will have her sitting closer to you. With its refreshing marine scent, it is also one of the best men’s colognes to give as a gift.

  • Top notes: sea water, combined fruity notes, nutmeg, basil, and bay leaf
    Middle notes: none
    Bottom notes: artmisia, guaiac, cashmere, and sandalwood
  • Its affordable price and artfully designed bottle make this a perfect men’s cologne to give as a gift.
    It’s refreshing marine and citrus fragrance can be worn by men of any age.
    This simple fragrance will keep men feeling fresh and confident throughout the romantic evening.
    Has good longevity and softer silage to draw her in closer to you.
  • It’s lower projection can make it easy for the cologne to be overpowered by her stronger perfume.
    While it is a refreshing and confident men’s cologne, it may be too simple for some men’s tastes.

Desire Cologne by Alfred Dunhill

This is a strong men’s cologne that is ideal for the confident and romantic man. Its citrus and vanilla accords demand to be noticed, and this is not a cologne for a shy man to wear. This cologne is designed for men who want to be noticed, especially by the women they are interested in. The bottle is also uniquely designed and the bright red glass will stand out in any cologne collection.

  • Top notes: apple, orange blossoms, bergamot, and lemon
    Middle notes: rose, patchouli, and teakwood
    Bottom notes: vanilla, musk, and labdanum
  • This men’s cologne has a fresh woodsy fragrance that is richly mingled with Oriental notes.
    It is rated well for longevity and silage.
    The elegant red glass bottle makes a beautiful and stylish gift.
    Desire for Men has a strong and complex scent that is designed for the man who wants to be noticed.
  • This men’s fragrance is priced higher than other brands.
    It’s complex and strong scent may not be ideal for all men.
    This men’s cologne is better suited for romantic evenings, and may be too complex for causal occasions.

Best Romantic Perfumes for Women

 Romance by Ralph Lauren for Women

Light, fresh, and happy, this floral scent is a favorite among women. This perfume is designed for romance and love, and is perfect for any occasion. Opening with a fresh citrusy scent that is followed by the linger scent of roses, this perfume will inspire many intimate moments.

  • Top notes: citrus oils, ginger and rose
    Middle notes: lily, carnation, white violet, and romantic lotus blossom
    Bottom notes: patchouli, oak moss, and exotic white musk
  • It is a light and romantic fragrance that can be worn as a signature scent.
    The uniquely refreshing blend of citrus and flowers gives it an innocent and sensual appeal.
    The beautifully designed perfume bottle makes it an excellent gift.
    It has a long lasting fragrance with good silage.
  • It’s unique fragrance might not suit all women.
    The blend of citrus oils can overpower the subtler base notes.

 Calvin Klein euphoria

Opening with the scent of exotic flowers and sensual fruit notes, this perfume has a mysterious and appealing fragrance. It wraps you in the sensual aroma of Oriental flowers, and leaves you feeling light and refreshed with its citrusy notes. Designed for romantic evenings by candlelight, this perfume also makes the perfect gift.

  • Top notes: lotus
    Middle notes: Japanese apple, green leaves, and mysterious black orchid
    Bottom notes: sensual black violet, amber, and red woods
  • This women’s perfume is rated for good longevity and silage.
    It has a mysterious and exotic fragrance that will draw him in closer.
    The beautifully designed bottle looks elegantly displayed on her dresser.
  • The uniquely sensual fragrance may not appeal to all women.
    While this is a light floral perfume, its darker scents may not be appropriate for casual occasions.

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior for Women

Elegance, style, and romance are all captured in this Oriental fragrance. It is designed to be worn by women who are not afraid to show their sensual nature, and its accords of vanilla and almond will definitely get you noticed. When this luxurious scent is combined with the elegantly designed glass bottle, it makes a romantic present anytime of the year.

  • Top notes: plum, apricot, and coconut
    Middle notes: jasmine, tuberose, lily-of-the-valley, rose, caraway, and Brazilian rosewood
    Bottom notes: almond, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood
  • The sensual and mysterious fragrance is ideal for any romantic occasion.
    This women’s perfume is rate well for longevity and silage.
    With its beautifully designed bottle it makes an elegant addition to your perfume collection.
  • The heavier silage can make this perfume overpowering in smaller spaces.
    With its blend of dark and exotic flowers its unique fragrance may not suit all women’s personalities.


Whether you are looking for the perfect cologne or perfume to wear for your special date or as a gift, one of these fragrances is sure to fit your needs. Choose from romantic floral scents or mysterious and exotic Oriental fragrances, and find the perfect one to help you set the mood for your special date night.


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