Rogue Man by Rihanna Latest Cologne


Rogue Man by Rihanna ReviewThe famous pop singer already has four distinctive perfumes in her collection which might be one of the reasons why she decided to release a masculine version of the female perfume Rogue. Rogue Man by Rihanna is as sensual and alluring as the singer, and it is decidedly masculine. There is the slightest hint of the Orient, with the woodsy green scent that you would expect from a cologne released in the fall.

Rogue Man by Rihanna

The latest cologne by the pop superstar was unveiled in September, 2014 and promises to be just as appealing as the singer’s other fragrances. Based on the female perfume Rogue, which was released last year, Rogue Man is fresh, earthy, and mysterious. The cologne was created by master perfumer Frank Voelkl, who has managed to capture the essence of the man every woman wants to wake up next too.

There is no denying that it is a sexy cologne, which is emphasized by the base notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, patchouli, and amber. The first scents that you will smell are the top notes, which are sweet, refreshing, and just a little crisp with rosemary, Clementine, bergamot, and spicy black pepper. Tying the different scents together, and giving the cologne its soul, is the middle notes which are cedar, jasmine, labdanum, and the exotic scent of vanilla orchid.

Rogue Man by Rihanna

Confident, Sensual, and Exotic

Rogue Man by Rihanna promises to become a favorite among men of any age, and it is designed to make a man feel sexy and give him a confident swagger. The rich base notes of the cologne are masculine, exotic, and even sexy. It is the middle notes that give Rogue Man its earthy appeal, along with a refreshing floral fragrance.

What makes this cologne stand out from other new fragrances is the order and importance of the scent notes. Instead of relying on the bottom layer to give the cologne is green, musky scent, it is spread throughout the middle notes to give the cologne a more complex body. The initial scent of the cologne is also unexpected, much like the singer it was created for.

Instead of the sweet floral scent you’d expect from a fall cologne, you smell the refreshing and well rounded crisp top notes. This gives Rogue Man its complexity, along with its signature full bodied scent. Throughout the cologne are hints of the Orient, with just enough spice to draw people in closer.

Rihanna’s New Men’s Cologne

With the cooler weather fast approaching this men’s cologne is a welcome addition to the list of other fall inspired fragrances. Unlike the others it is not too sweet, while still being refreshing and masculine. It is advertised as being the cologne a woman wants to smell, and can even make her want to steal his t-shirt. In a sea of fragrances that all seem to be the same, it is nice to finally find one that is both complex and invigorating.


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