Escada Cologne For Men Review


Walk into the room, and ladies are quick to tell what a fine gentleman you are. This is the signature effect of ESCADA for Men by ESCADA Eau de Toilette Spray. It evokes sensuality and luxury which only a gentleman of smarts and sophistication can do justice. Quite exclusive, it may sound to some; but that’s how this Escada cologne for men has carved its name in the world of fragrance.

Sensually Intoxicating  

ESCADA for Men or ESCADA Pour Homme was launched in 1993, at the time when oriental fragrances were about to become a trend. Over time, this cologne has seemingly become the epitome of oriental scents—unparalleled with its distinct combination of notes. It opens with a spicy, faint floral scent, with the top notes sourced from the blend of cognac, Italian lemon, orange, and lavender. Cognac though stands out from everything else, though only with a subtly prominent display of a bittersweet scent.

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Along the dry down, the spiciness is laced with warmth, until the middle notes blend in. The scent becomes even more richer, courtesy of caraway, geranium, and carnation, among others. Spices or resins such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and bay leaf heighten up the masculine sensuality of ESCADA Pour Homme. As the dry down continues, the scent becomes woody and musky, and even seems to age— but gracefully so, with the notes of musk, patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Gracefully Aging

In its entirety, the scent of this Escada cologne for men bears the distinctiveness of oriental fragrances— made sensual through the blend of warmth and spiciness. This cologne as an oriental scent may be likened to booze—intoxicating, which heightens all the more as it ages. Perhaps, it is for this reason that it appeals more to the rather mature male market—the segment between 30 to 50 years old. More often than not, it is a preferred fragrance among men who suit up. It is fitting for day wear at work or for evening wear at romantic dates.

The appeal of this fragrance to women is brought about by the vivid image of a man who has already matured with much wisdom and experience—ever so dependable. He is a man of power and sophistication, but only subtly so. The sillage of this cologne may illustrate this, being just a moderate one. But you may count on its longevity which is for most users, often beyond 12 hours.

Vintage Scent

This particular Escada cologne for men has this effect of vividly creating images of who becomes its rightful wearer. Along with its oriental scent, it is then not a popular choice among the younger generation. It may also be considered as a vintage scent—not the ‘old’ sense of the word, but the ‘prized’ one. It’s in no glass art bottle, but the design definitely suits its intended wearers—the style does not overpower the substance. Despite its continuous popularity, it has been discontinued by Escada, and may now only be found at some online shops. This only adds up to its being vintage.

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ESCADA for Men by ESCADA Eau de Toilette Spray is the scent for the more mature generation of men. It’s an oriental fragrance which vividly sketches the picture of a smart, sophisticated, and sexy gentleman. It has a subtle (average) sillage, and a lasting longevity.

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