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Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein is the perfect cologne for today’s modern man. It highlights his sensitive side, while still being a masculine fragrance that is also refined. The cologne was created by the genius Carlos Benaim, who is renowned worldwide for his sensitive nose. You will feel confident and secure wearing this men’s fragrance at work, and the subtle hint of your sensitive nature is always a plus with the ladies.

Refined and Elegant Masculinity

It can be difficult to find a men’s cologne that lets you be sensitive without losing any of your masculinity, and the complex fragrance notes of Calvin Klein’s Eternity have managed to do just that. When you first apply the men’s perfume you will smell the top notes of lemon, mandarin, bergamot, and lavender which are faintly sweet and utterly refreshing. Blended artfully in next are the fragrance’s middle notes that highlight your sensitive and romantic nature. You’ll catch a hint of coriander, orange blossoms, and jasmine, which are soften by the aroma of lily-of-the-valley, juniper berries, basil, sage, and geranium. Finally you have the strong base notes that will remind everyone that you are a cultured man. These include the sensuous notes of amber, musk, sandalwood, Brazilian rosewood, and sultry vetiver.

Complex for Today’s Modern Man

Just like you, this men’s cologne is complex. It is strong and masculine, while also being romantic and sensual. It is a cologne intended for the mature man who is comfortable and secure with his many different sides. The warm, masculine fragrance of the base notes highlights your masculinity, while subtly drawing people in close to you. The light scent of lavender and lily are romantic, while the underlying aroma of citrus is always refreshing wherever you are. Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein is a cologne that is subtle enough for the office, and still has the complexity of a romantic nighttime fragrance.

Eternity for Men is Still One of the Best

Eternity for Men Cologne ReviewThis men’s cologne was first introduced in 1990, and still remains one of the best cologne’s for sale. It is the perfect addition to your collection, with a fragrance that obviously does not go out of style. Whether you wear a business suit or a tweed jacket to work, this is still a great choice for your signature scent. It will leave you feeling refreshed and exhilarated, while also playing up your refined and cultured side. Adding to the appeal is the bottle’s elegant and simple design that makes a stunning addition in your cologne collection.

What We Think

We truly enjoy the complex aroma that you get from this masculine cologne, that also makes us feel refreshed and sensitive. We did notice that it can take awhile for the notes to mix together, and some men may not appreciate the continual hint of citrus and musk. While we found it strangely sexy and refreshing, other men may be put off by it. What we did find is that this is a  cologne that has managed to highlight the different sides of the modern man. It is complex and still light enough to be worn during the day and into the evening.

Professional Reviews on Eternity for Men

Men’s Fragrance Testers Say

” I wore this cologne during work, and at a business dinner and found that it was strong enough to last all day. During the testing period I also found that the fragrance’s complex aroma actually made it perfect to wear for almost any occasion. My wife enjoyed the romantic notes, while I found the heavier musk and spices a nice blend and gave the cologne the masculine scent that I generally look for. ” – Mark Adams, New York City

” For the fragrance test I wore the cologne to my college alum luncheon and found that I felt more mature and confident around my former classmates. I particularly enjoyed the fact the it takes a while for all of the fragrance notes to blend together.” – Sam Wilderson, Las Vegas

” I normally do not try new men’s cologne’s but I am glad that I did. The stronger woodsy aroma is a perfect fit in the corporate world, and I noticed that the continual citrusy fragrance was refreshing and not cloying.” – John Rinkman, Santa Fe

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