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Created by master perfumers Harry Fremont and Sabine De Tscharne, Black by Kenneth Cole is a sweet, yet masculine fragrance that is ideal for men under 25. It features a casual scent that is ideal for the office, and for nights out with friends when you don’t want a more complex fragrance. The woody after tones give you a masculine appeal, while the aromatic light citrus plays up your lightheartedness.

Bright and Summery

Unlike many men’s fragrances Kenneth Cole’s Black is light and fun, without the common darker undertones that are found in the more complex colognes. The light top notes are mandarin, basil, ginger, and water mint for a refreshing summertime feel. The middle notes blend beautifully to create a sensual aroma of incense, cedar, nutmeg, lotus, and the spicy scent of exotic woods. To even out the fragrance and bind it together, the base notes are amber mixed with musk, suede, and violet leaf.

When You are Wearing Black by Kenneth Cole

Upon spraying Black by Kenneth Cole you will first smell the top notes of citrus. Instead of smelling too sweet, the warm ginger and refreshing water mint help to tone it down. It is this sweet scent that makes this cologne ideal for teenagers, and men under the age of 25. As the fragrance settles on your skin, you will start to notice the warm, spicy scents of the exotic woods mixed with the incense and lotus flower.

The changing fragrance doesn’t stop there, and next you’ll be treated to the intensely sensual scent of musk. Throughout all of the changes in the fragrance, you will always have the undeniable sweet and summery scent of oranges. This is what gives this men’s fragrance is undeniable appeal to the younger generation of cologne wearers.

Black is Not Just for Summer

This simple yet masculine cologne may remind you of warm summer days, but it is actually a perfect scent for the whole year. With the musk and incense blending in with the lighter scents of summer, you can still envision warm fires and soft leather. It is a cologne for snuggling on the couch, and for warm days by the water. This is a light masculine scent that can be worn anytime, and makes a great addition to any man’s cologne collection.

Thoughts on Black by Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole’s Black is a light citrus men’s fragrance that might not be for everyone. It lacks the complexity of some colognes and may seem too simple for business executives or for when you need to attend an important dinner. The bright fragrance will seem out of place, and can make you appear less successful than you really are. With this being said, the cologne is definitely more than its simple name.

The changing scents can keep you or someone else guessing, and will give you the right touch of mystery. It is meant to be worn by younger men, and was also created so men could show off their lighthearted side. Available in the trademark squat black bottle, it is the perfect addition to any young man’s beginning cologne collection. Testers Say

  • ” This is the first cologne that I have ever owned, and I love it. Since it has a lighter scent, I’m not petrified that I will accidently apply to much. My girlfriend loves it, and I am planning to take the cologne with me when I love for school next year.”

-Adam Brecken, Cincinnati

  • ” I purchased this cologne for my teenage son, and he loves it. He swears that girls are paying more attention to him. While I’m not sure if this is a good thing, I can say my son definitely smells better. Even though it is not a mature cologne, Black is perfect for any young man.”

-Jonathan Swisher, Atlanta

  • “Even though everyone says that this is a cologne for teens and college guys, I still wear it and I’m over thirty. I like that it takes awhile for all of the notes to blend together, which kind of gives it a bit of mystery. No matter what the reviews say, I still think this is a great cologne for men of any age.”

-Louis McCarthy

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Black by Kenneth Cole New York Rating

7.5 Highly Recommended
  • Longevity 8
  • Projection 7
  • Scent 7.5
  • Complexity 7
  • Price 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 3.2

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