Pure Nautica Fresh Scent With Just A Hint Of Spice


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2 - 3 hours
Moderate radiates within arm length
Affordable, Nice light spicy scent, Not overpowering.
Low Projection, Bottom notes can be lost, Not as complex as similar woody fragrances.
Younger men, Casual occasions, Weekends.

Pure Nautica for Men by Nautica is an eau de toilette spray that is slightly different than what you would expect from the makers of Blue and Classic. It still has a fresh ocean scent that will last for hours, but the cologne also includes just the faintest hint of spice. It is a refreshing scent with a little surprise. Released in 2010 as an Aromatic Aquatic fragrance, it is still a nice, light cologne that is ideal for younger gentlemen.

Our Review of Pure Nautica by Nautica for Men

The light men’s fragrance is clean, simple and fresh. It is ideal for warm summer days at the beach, which a non offensive fragrance that won’t overpower. A hint of spice gives the cologne a touch of the exotic, though the prevailing notes of the aquatic ones.

Fragrance Notes

The men’s cologne features notes that are floral, spicy, and aquatic in a way that each one should complement the other. The mandarin orange and sea notes, and mixed bergamot. Spicy, fruity, and woody notes are also blended in with notes that are considered powdery. While the strongest notes are orange and aquatic, the woodsy scent gives this cologne its masculine appeal.

Pure Nautica by Nautica

The Scent

The lighted scent cologne is not strong, and it has a clean non offensive fragrance. The aquatic notes are the first that you will smell, followed by the mandarin and a hint of spice. As the day wears on the watery notes will stick with you, along with the fruitier notes. Unfortunately the spicy notes do not stay, but it does smell great upon initial spraying.

The Appearance

Instead of the standard blue cologne, Pure Nautica is crystal clear. The two toned gray box holds the squat 3.4oz. bottle the features the embossed Pure Nautica logo. While the clear glass and liquid may not stand out as much as the more traditional Nautica blue, the elegant silver cap does give it visual appeal. It won’t stand out in a perfume collection, but it also won’t look out of place among the more expensive brands.

Best Uses

This is a light fragrance that is best suited for the summer or for casual weekends at the beach. It has a refreshing scent that is ideal for being outdoors, and it also makes a great starter cologne for younger guys. If you are just starting your cologne collection or are looking for your first fragrance this is a good place to start.


The inexpensive cologne makes it a great purchase for anyone on a budget, or if you can’t afford the more expensive Fahrenheit by Dior. While it doesn’t project well it is non offensive, and its longevity make it an excellent value for its low price.


Pure Nautica by Nautica is another aquatic men’s cologne with a slight difference. The hint of fruit and spice add just a touch of the exotic to the long lasting fragrance. The main aquatic notes will last all day, and give you a continual fresh scent. It is made for summertime use, and its non offensive smell makes it a great men’s cologne for beginners to try on.

Lewis Smith (perfume tester)

I initially was surprised to smell citrus and spice, but was disappointed to find that it didn’t last. The watery notes were the strongest, and those were the ones that I scented all day. I do have to agree that during the first few minutes the cologne was very similar to Dior’s Fahrenheit. While it didn’t last, I was pleasantly surprised. I find that Pure Nautica is ideal for young guys during the summer.

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