Pure Nautica Discovery: An Adventurous Fragrance


pure discovery mens cologne by nautica

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2 - 3 hours
Moderate radiates within arm length
Affordable, Nice light spicy scent, Not overpowering.
Low Projection, Bottom notes can be lost, Not as complex as similar woody fragrances.
Younger men, Casual occasions, Weekends.


Instead of creating another aquatic men’s cologne, Nautica went with a spicy scent that has a slight adventurous edge. It is still a light fragrance that won’t overpower your neighbor, but it does have a more complexity than other summery scents. The cologne has a fresh appeal that is perfect for daytime wear, and can leave your feeling energized and ready for almost anything.

Our Review of Pure Discovery EDT by Nautica

The men’s cologne was released in 2011, and is different than the company’s normal aquatic fragrances. The fresh scent that you have come to expect from Nautica is still there, only now it is based on green woods and fresh spices. It is a light and fresh cologne that will leave the wearer feeling refreshed and ready for their next outdoor adventure.

Fragrance Notes: The top notes of mandarin orange, clary sage, and amalfi lemon give the men’s cologne a light fruity fragrance, while the heart notes of lavender, ginger, and coriander keep it from becoming too sweet and feminine. The heavier base notes are sandalwood and Virginia cedar which provide the cologne with its woody aroma.

The Scent: Pure Discovery by Nautica is a light, fresh fragrance that is fruity and woody at the same time. The lemon and mandarin orange will stay with you throughout the day, while the spicier notes keep it fresh and inviting. The woody notes are faint, but can still be found after initially spraying. While it is not a strong scented men’s cologne, it is still a nice change from all of the other light summer scents.

The Appearance:  Even the cologne was released in 2011 the packaging and bottle have a slight nostalgic feel. The bottle is definitely designed for a man, with its squat shape and masculine appearance. While the bottle does not look as elegant as some of Nautica’s other cologne containers, it is a refreshing change that goes well with its masculine fragrance.

Best Uses

This men’s cologne is best worn during casual events or when you are outdoors. It lacks the strength and complexity to be successfully worn as a nighttime fragrance, but its fresh scent makes it ideal for weekends spent with friends and family. The energetic scent is perfect for younger guys, and it can be worn to class without overpowering the person sitting next to you.


Like all Nautica men’s colognes it is inexpensively priced, and is a great value for your money. It is a refreshing and light scented men’s cologne that has a long lasting citrusy scent that will make you welcome almost anywhere. While it does not have the projection of some of the more expensive brands, it makes up for that with a fresh, clean scent.


Pure Discovery Men’s Cologne by Nautica is a light refreshing scent that is pleasing to wear. It is slightly fruity, without being too sweet and is meant to energize the man who wears it. With its long lasting fresh and invigorating scent it is an affordable cologne that will make a great addition to a collection, or as a first time men’s fragrance for younger wearers.

Tom Redding (perfume tester)

I liked that the citrus scent wasn’t too strong, or sweet, but I did wish that the base notes were a little stronger. Since it is low priced and long lasting, it doesn’t present much of a problem if you are wearing it outdoors or on the weekends. It is refreshing, though I think that the adventurous description is better suited to the cologne’s formula. Overall I like the scent and plan to continue wearing when I am outside.

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Pure Nautica Discovery Rating

6.0 Value For Money
  • SCENT 6
  • PRICE 8
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 8.3

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