Proraso After Shave for Men Review


Proraso is an Italian brand established in 1948 by Ludovico Martelli in Florence. This brand manufactures three unique shaving products for men along with a special shaving soap made with eucalyptus. They have separate products distinguished by their colours befitting different types of skin. For example, the white one is for sensitive skin, green for general use, and red for the toughest of beards. Proraso actually reflects the new Renaissance that introduced the idea of a fresh, new lifestyle all over Italy. Since the day it was founded, Proraso has been a mark of style and tradition in Italy. It has given the Italian man the essence of superior quality shaving. Few years Proraso has gone through a reformulation by virtue of which they use almost 95% natural ingredients in their products and ensure 100% Paraben, Silicone, Mineral Oil and SLS free. Let’s take a look at the legendary Proraso aftershave that every stylish man swears by.

Proraso Aftershave Lotion, Refresh

Proraso Aftershave Lotion, Refresh, 3.4 Ounces-1This aftershave is made of real, natural products which make it soothing to the skin. Witch hazel prevents the outbreak of rashes and irritation. The eucalyptus oil acts as an antiseptic which helps cure most razor burn while the menthol acts as a freshening agent.


  • Fit for all skin types
  • No alcohol or artificial ingredients, thus no chances of side effects


  • Not widely available

Proraso: Refreshing and Invigorating Aftershave Lotion

Proraso- Refreshing and Invigorating Aftershave Lotion -2This has got Oatmeal extracts for moisturising the skin. The green tea present in it acts as a natural antioxidant that is rich in polyphenols and minerals. Along with eucalyptus and menthol it has Allantoin which improves skin hydration.


  • Fit for sensitive skin
  • No alcohol content
  • No artificial colour


  • It comes as a direct Italian import thus the availability is restricted

Take your pick from this classic brand and experience an elegant grooming session.


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