Portland General Store Cologne Review


Portland General Store’s colognes aren’t pretty, they’re manly. So if you’re looking for that manly scent then you don’t need to look further. With Portland General Store’s Sampler you’re going to get a selection of eight exceptional fragrances.

The bottle design is inspired by Czechoslovakian pharmacy bottles giving it a unique look that is sure to stand out among your collection of perfumes.

The sampler package makes its way to you from Portland, Maine. The package is made from metal tin with a lid sort of like a Ziploc bag. Inside you’ll find more tin and another Ziploc bag. All of this is necessary and needed because the Czechoslovakian inspired bottles are delicate and may break easily.

What’s wonderful about these fragrances is that they’re all completely organic and vegan making them completely natural which is how all colognes should be.

Inside the sample pack you’ll find eight wonderful bottles: Cardamom, Moss, Professor, Maine, Saltwater, Whiskey, Tobacco, and Wood. Each bottle is tightly capped and labeled.

Each fragrance has a delightful smell that will add something different to your day. The cardamom for starters is a wonderful smell to wake up to and suitable for going to an early morning run, bike ride, or even a trip to the market.

Next we have the moss scent which really does have small pieces of moss floating inside of it. Then there’s the scent of Maine which will give you the sensation of smelling bubblegum and vanilla making it suitable for a day out in the park or for a walk in the afternoon.

As for Professor well it really does smell like the professor you so dearly loved back in college and his office. Saltwater is a fragrance that’ll take away your troubles and give you the sensation of laying on the beach leaving your worries behind.

You’re probably thinking you don’t want to smell like tobacco but the Tobacco fragrance is completely classy and only slightly smoky so that you don’t smell like a smoker. The same applies to Whiskey as you won’t be walking around smelling like an alcoholic early in the morning. Both are classy.

Wood is another lovely addition that will definitely give you that manly scent.

Basically you can’t go wrong with this sampler pack. It has something for every occasion and every taste. After you finish it you could choose to adhere to one or two particular scents and focus on these.



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