Polo Red Wins Big In 2018


Every year the Fragrance Foundation releases their list of award winning scents for men and women. The votes are complied by manufacturers, suppliers, and industry experts who rate the fragrances on a number of different factors. While every year there are a few surprises, Polo Red’s big win was almost expected.

The Awards

The Fragrance Foundation awarded the cologne by Ralph Lauren the award for Men’s Prestige, and coveted Consumer Choice Awards. In addition, the masculine fragrance also won for its innovative media campaign. With three awards, Polo Red has shown that it is a cologne that deserves to be noticed.

About Polo Red

This vibrant and energetic men’s fragrance was released by Ralph Lauren in 2013, and was created by master perfumer Olivier Gillotin. It is meant to be a strong, masculine fragrance that is spicy and woody at the same time. As the newest addition to the Ralph Lauren collection, it is quickly becoming a popular consumer favorite.

Fragrance Notes

The first fragrance notes that you smell are cranberry, red grapefruit, and Italian lemon. The heart of the men’s cologne is comprised of lavender, red sage, and red saffron. It is the bottom notes of the cologne that gives the cologne its name, and these red notes are aromatic coffee beans, red wood, and hot amber.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red for Men Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.5 Fluid Ounce

The Red Scent

The Fragrance Foundation was correct in giving Polo Red its award, and its bold scent certainly lives up to its name. The main notes that carry on through the day are cranberry, amber, and fresh coffee beans, though the men’s cologne opens with the refreshing scent of grapefruit and lemon citrus. It is a bold fragrance that will last throughout the day, without becoming to overpowering.

Beautiful and Still Classic Polo

There is no mistaking this award winning cologne as being anything other than a creation by Ralph Lauren. The beautifully designed red bottle is an elegant addition to your cologne collection, and the iconic polo player is emblazoned on the front of the bottle. The black cap certainly stands out against the red glass, and gives the bottle its masculine appeal.

Polo Red is a bolder fragrance than many classic Polo wearers are used to, and it is this change that is garnering all the attention. It is a slightly sweet fragrance with the fruity notes, but has the underlying spicy masculine scent that many fragrance connoisseurs are looking for. The aromatic coffee bean notes are warm and comforting, while the stronger scents of wood and amber keep the fragrance sexy and exciting.

With a good projection and longevity, it is easy to see why the cologne won the Consumer Choice award in 2014. Affordably priced, and ideal for casual occasions, work, and even nights out with friends, this is a cologne that will quickly become a favorite in your collection.


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