Polo Red Cologne Review

Who does not know that their scent completes their look and personal style? Well, that is right and it can surely ruin or compliment even the most expensive outfit. Since men tend to be extremely choosy when it comes to body colognes, most masculine colognes are formulated and branded to appeal to their taste. The cologne that embodies the qualities of the modern man such as sophistication, boldness, strength, fiery, and desire is a sure bet for any man. The Polo Red Cologne by Ralph Lauren upholds all that the modern man desires. All features have been put in place for a reason, from the packaging to the interior. It has a woody and spicy aroma that appeals to your senses upon release. It is a purely masculine cologne that lasts for several hours and can be applied any time and for almost any occasion. Buyers are happy with their purchase and are quick to point out that the ladies love it. You should be prepared for compliments.

About Polo Red Cologne

The Polo Red Cologne was launched in 2013 by Ralph Lauren. Its color in particular pairs well with the features the cologne stands for; a ferocious and energizing cologne. The wholly masculine cologne radiates strength and manliness. The coveted formulation is packaged in a red flacon that is availed in 45ml, 75ml and 125 ml. Its simple design seems to capture the attention of most men. It is simplistic yet sophisticated in design. It is exactly what one would expect from Ralph Lauren. Those who dislike strong scents may be put off by this cologne. It is ideal for the confident man who wants everyone to know he is within the vicinity.

Polo Red Cologne Notes

Top Notes

Red cranberry, Red grapefruit, Italian Cedrat

Middle Notes

Red sage, Red saffron, Lavandin

Base Notes

Amber, Red wood, Coffee berry

When to Wear Polo Red Cologne

The strong ingredients and blend of components that make up the Polo Red Cologne are energizing. The ultimate scent is exotic and manly, an ideal choice for any place or almost any occasion imaginable. It is a good daily scent for the confident man. Wear this to those business meetings and you will feel confident.  You can also have it on during your first date if you like. Since this is best for daily use, apply it also during working days in the office. The strong scent is longer lasting and is the kind that most men would love and a few dislike. Apply it on pulse areas for best results. You can also apply it directly on clothing.


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