Polo Blue Cologne Review

Since the quintessential year of 1709 when Giovanni Maria Farina was hit with an idea of coming up with a scent that would remind him of his hometown, Cologne, perfumes have become an indispensable part our daily lives. The fragrance you wear has a powerful effect on how you are perceived and remembered. Men who wear cologne benefit immensely; from making one look more attractive, relieving stress, to boosting confidence. The fragrance market has for long been a female’s dominion, but drastically men have embraced the sweet smelling scents. The Polo Blue Cologne for men is one of those fragrances you can never go wrong when worn. The sweet, aromatic, and charming cologne from Ralph Lauren conjures ideas of sky or cool sea water. Its blend of notes brings out a warm and sensual feeling. Those who have used it are quite intrigued by this unique cologne. Most of them love the fact that it is not overpowering and yet not weak, just a perfect masculine cologne.

Polo Blue Cologne Description

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue Cologne was launched in 2003. Its cool aquatic notes conjure up ideas of blue color in your mind. This being a fragrance that is never overpowering is not a weak one either. It can last an entire day and is a favorite daily wear to most men.
The signature blue bottle of Polo Blue Cologne is an absolute allure on first sight. It is not only compact enough to be carried anywhere but it is classy and sophisticated to keep. It speaks class and stands for a cologne that can be a show-off, just like all the other Ralph Lauren fragrances.

Polo Blue Cologne Notes

Top Notes: Melon, Cucumber, Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes: Geranium, Basil, Sage
Base Notes: Suede, Musk, Woodsy Notes

When to Wear Polo Blue Cologne

The wholly masculine Polo Blue Cologne is a fresh smelling fragrance that is ideal for a warm summer day. It can also work perfectly on colder months. Ideally, it is versatile cologne for men. Wear it to the gym, during climbs, bike rides, or when relaxing at home. You can also apply it when going to the office or when on out-of-town errands. Apply this on pulse areas of the body for the best effect. If you have oily skin then it will rub off easily on you therefore you will just apply a little to get results. Those with dry skin should apply more but not too much.


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