Poeme perfume: A Lancome fragrance


Poems are rhythmic and have the power to change the mood in just a minute but when it comes down to the meaning it gives. There are perfumes and colognes available on the market that have the power to be unique in a different way. In this article we will review the one and only Poeme perfume.

The house of Lancome came out with only one Poeme perfume that is known for the fragrance it gives away. This sunny perfume has won many hearts over the years. So, without wasting much time let’s fetch a review of the Poeme perfume.

This particular perfume came to the market in 1995 and is known to be one of the most famous oriental perfumes. The main accords that make up the perfume are white floral, yellow floral, sweet, floral and powdery.

The perfume opens with the notes of green notes, blackcurrant, Himalayan poppy, plum, mandarin orange, narcissus, peach, bergamot and datura. These opening notes give it the touch of wild berry, flowers and freshness. The heart gives out the fragrance of vanilla flower, leather mimosa, freesia, Ylang-ylang, tuberose, heliotrope, rose and jasmine. The base notes of the perfume are made with vanilla, musk, amber, Tonka bean, orange blossom and cedar.

It is a 90’s fragrance that comes in a bottle which shows how timeless a fragrance can be. It has the power to make you feel lost in nostalgia. It is warm and comfortable and tends to go on smoothly without much effort and when it is time for it to go away it will leave an unforgettable blend. It is a bottle of sunshine that is entwined with floral notes and sweet smells, yet has a seductive touch in it. Wearing it will make you feel like you are lost in a poem. Like the name suggest leaves, creek, old bridges and lots to make you forget about other hardships of life.

It might have been launched 20 years back but it still has the power to attract attention wherever you go. You never know when you start feeling like Alice in Wonderland after wearing it. It is magnetic and can give a surge of emotion.


    • It is a seductive scent.
    • The longevity of the perfume is very good and tends to stay on the body for a span of about 24 hours and doesn’t go away instantly. Instead it lingers around in the body and especially on the clothes.
    • A single dash of the perfume works a great deal.
    • It envelopes the whole senses just like a poem does.
    • The sillage of the perfume is heavy.
    • It is a classic timeless perfume.
    • Perfect to wear at any occasion.
    • It is great for the cold and rainy weathers.


  •  One might feel it to be very heavy.

Hope the above review that we have brought you was of great help. So, without any further delay get yourself a bottle of Poeme and keep the people around you dazzled.


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