PherX Pheromone Cologne for Men Review


Thousands of perfumes and colognes from signature fashion and fragrance houses are abound in the market—crafted based on the art of attraction. However, there are only a few of them which are formulated based on the science of attraction. The scientific simulation of physical or sexual attraction via olfactics, particularly pheromones was pioneered by PherX. Every bottle of this pheromone cologne for men is infused with 18mg of human pheromones.

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Attraction as Instinctive

Pheromones have become quite a buzzword because their existence more or less validates that attraction is instinctive. To experience physical or sexual attraction is human, and every person’s physiological make-up supports this. Pheromones are chemical substances which are naturally excreted in the human body. These are not smelled, per se, but sensed by a woman from a man (and vice versa), which then elicits a response (attraction).

Over time, pheromones have accounted for attraction—and reproduction among animals. But years of painstaking laboratory research have proven that pheromones are also potent in affecting human behavior. PherX is a product of such research where 18mg of human pheromones is bottled, simply put. Androsterone , Androstenone , Androstenol, and Androstadienone  are infused with the perfume formulation of this pheromone cologne for men. With the product tracing its roots in biological and pharmacological research, its research team has come up of the combination of these pheromones as optimal for boosting a man’s physical or sexual attractiveness in just a few sprays.

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Attraction Supplement

One may put PherX as an attraction “supplement”. It seems to be in parallel among medical or herbal supplement products which have emerged as the trend in the recent decade. This one though is specifically for physical or sexual attraction—for inducing turn on, if you may. Unlike the usual perfumes or colognes in the market, it does not boast of a distinctive fragrance which is easily recognized by the nose. The scent of PherX is in actuality just mild and fresh, which may even be described as watery. But of course, its unique proposition is the 18mg of human pheromones .While these may not be identified by the naked nose, women won’t be able to help themselves from subconsciously recognizing and responding to this.

The bottle of PherX is nothing fancy—it’s in no glass art bottle or any bottle of elaborate design. It’s actually reminiscent of bottled medications which you purchase at the pharmacy. Even the packaging tells you though that it’s one special perfume—a scientifically developed attractiveness enhancer.

In terms or longevity, the faint scent of PherX lasts up to 4-6 hours only, though the actual “effect” may be possibly longer. It then follows that the sillage is moderate as well, so people don’t always consciously smell it. You may not expect compliments from women, as you do when you wear other colognes. But when women can’t take their eyes off you for a reason they cannot identify or explain, now, that’s a better compliment. This pheromone cologne for men is something you can wear and top with your other favorite cologne or perfume.

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PherX is a perfume of mild, fresh and almost watery scent. Its unique proposition though lies in its 18mg of human pheromones, making this a scientifically formulated physical or sexual attraction enhancer.


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