One Million Perfume for Men By Paco Rabanne Review


One Million Perfume for MenEver since its introduction in 2008, One million perfume for men has always been among the top male fragrances all over the world. It has a rich blend of sweet, spicy, woody notes made for Paco Rabanne by three of the greatest perfumers of our times, Christophe Raynaud, Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard.

Who Is It For?

One million perfume for men is designed specifically for the 30 and below generation who have the confidence to take in all the attention that this scent projects. This fragrance brings back the flamboyance in masculinity, lacing it with luxury and style. It’s a popular crowd pleaser that any young man can wear preferably at night, no matter what the season is. Yes, you can use it for daytime as well, but if you really want to reap all of its advantages, then use it in the evening.

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The one million man is not afraid of being on the spotlight. He knows that he’s bold, daring and confident of what he is. He is aware that he can have anything and everything with just a click of a finger. He loves beautiful cars, money, shiny cars and yes, he likes pretty girls as well. If you fit the bill, then this fragrance is definitely for you.

The Packaging

What do you think one million looks like? Of course, it has the appearance of something that’s worth its name. This famous fragrance comes in a gold box and a bottle that’s shaped like a gold ingot. Yes, the packaging alone can already make you feel like a million bucks.


If you want to get noticed at a bar or a nightclub, then One million is for you. This EDT has that hugely invigorating citrus, grapefruit scent that starts out sweet and spicy. Yes, it can give you that rockstar introduction that can definitely grab attention.

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After that initial blast, you’ll get to pick the middle notes, cinnamon bark, rose absolute, neroli, which gives it that woody, floral scent that subtly proceeds to the base notes of leather, amber and patchouli. This scent gives you deep dark orange just filling out, evening out the base and dries down with a woody, leathery aroma. With One million perfume for men, you get bubble gum, orange, grapefruit, cinnamon, leather and amber drying down in that order.


There’s one reason why this is called the “going-out” or nightclubbing scent. It has a long staying power that lasts anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. You can spray it on before going out at night and never worry about how you smell for the length of the evening. It’s one scent that grows bigger and fuller as time progresses. It’s the perfect nighttime scent when you want to go out and never know what the night has to offer.

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One million has a very strong, in your face scent that people around you might love or hate. That’s why you have to be very careful about using it. Never douse yourself with it – just two sprays will do for the whole evening.

In summary, One million perfume for men is the perfect nighttime fragrance for the 30 and below male. It has a strong scent that can last from 8-12 hours.

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