Obsession Cologne by Calvin Klein for Men Cologne Review


If you have just recently decided to “invest” on colognes and perfumes, Obsession Cologne by Calvin Klein has to be part of your collection. It was introduced more than two decades ago. To date, it may rightfully be labelled as a classic. The appeal of Obsession cologne for men, in its spicy, floral, and woody layers of notes, is timeless. It is one of the few cologne varieties in the market which has a continuous, loyal following, with its average use spanning years—that’s one bottle of Obsession after another.

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Intense Layers

This cologne for men should come with a warning—it may indeed be obsession-inducing for both men and women. Its signature fragrance is pleasantly intense, featuring several set of notes. Others may describe it as citrusy as may be credited to the opening, but Obsession is predominantly spicy. This barely scratches the surface though because the emerging fragrance is from the blend of notes which Calvin Klein seems to have magically pulled off.

It’s a burst of citrus with the top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, lime, and Mandarin orange. This comes out as too strong or a little off to some people at the initial spray. Don’t be quick to judge though because the burst of citrus settles in a few minutes as the other top notes subdue this. The spicy and floral layers of coriander, cinnamon, and lavender start to blend in.

The middle notes are the blends of botanicals and wood or spices: carnation, jasmine, pine tree, sage, Brazilian rosewood, myrrh, nutmeg, and red berries. The botanicals, plus red berries enforce sensuality, while the woods reinforce the signature masculine scent of Obsession Cologne for Men. The base notes are more woods, hence, further strengthening the heavy masculine scent. Sandalwood and vetiver blend with amber, musk, patchouli, and vanilla.

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One Classic Fragrance

From the array of notes, only a few are rather recognizable. These are cinnamon, lavender, musk, and vanilla. Citrus and spices blend, hence, the spicy notes dominate the fragrance. This is levelled by the woods, which may also account for the longevity of Obsession. With the generous array of wood notes, this men’s cologne can last for a good 24 hours. The sillage is also quite strong—if you’re not the type who goes for subtlety, and would like to announce your presence in the room by your scent alone, then this is the cologne bottle for you to grab.

Obsession cologne for men has that warm, heavy feel which makes it more suitable for cooler seasons, particularly winter. It works well for daytime wear at work, but more so at night. It’s a little versatile as it can be both for formal or casual wear, and everything in between. In its entirety, the scent is fitting for more mature men, aged 30 and above. The sensuality and masculinity which are evoked by this cologne may be visualized as a result of graceful aging.

Two creatives collaborated for this cologne from Calvin Klein: Bob Slattery as the fragrance developer and Pierre Dinand as the designer of its glass bottle.

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Obsession Cologne for Men by Calvin Klein is a classic fragrance which has an intricate blend of spicy, floral, and woody notes which can last for an entire day. It is predominantly spicy though, levelled and given a more masculine vibe with the woody note. It is warm and heavy, making it more appropriate for wear on cooler seasons, and more mature men.

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