Nautica Voyage N-83 Fresh Clean Scent Review


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4 - 6 hours
Soft sits close to skin without a trail
Clean aquatic scent, inexpensive, has a slight licorice scent that is different from the original.
The scent is similar to Nautica Blue, no complexity, base notes are lost.
Best Uses
Casual, work, summer weekends.

Nautica Voyage N-83 is a light men’s cologne that is designed to be worn during the warm summer months. It has a refreshing fragrance that is slightly salty, and can remind wearers of cool ocean breezes. While it is a simple fragrance that lacks the complexity of higher priced brands, the reformulated scent is almost the same as the original.

It is a men’s fragrance that is best suited for casual occasions, and also makes a perfect gift for younger fellows. The refreshing fragrance will last throughout the day, without overpowering friends or coworkers. Some men have even discovered that it is a perfect cologne to wear during workouts.

Our Review of Nautica Voyage-83

Nautica Voyage N-83 ReviewThe cologne is classified as an Aromatic Aquatic fragrance, and it does have a clean, refreshing scent. It was introduced in 2013, and is similar in some ways to the original. While this cologne is slightly more complex than other Nautica men’s fragrances, is does lack the projection that many of the more expensive brands carry.

Fragrance Notes

This relatively new cologne from Nautica features top notes of spicy mint, petitgrain, and sea notes. This gives it the refreshing scent that has come to define Nautica’s line of men’s colognes. The softer middle notes help to round the fragrance with nutmeg, lavender, and cardamom, while the base notes of musk, sandalwood, and cedar make it a cologne designed for men.

The Scent

One of the first notes that you smell are the sea and lavender, which give it a fresh and clean feel. While the lavender can smell slightly soapy, it is balanced out by the mint and cedar. Overall the cologne is cool and refreshing, and the sea notes are the ones that will linger. Even though it lacks body and complexity, it is a nice clean scented cologne that is perfect to wear during summer outings.

The Appearance

Even the Nautica box will make you think of cool blue water with its nautical appearance. The short glass bottle is not designed like a sailcloth, but still reminds you of the ocean. The clear glass container highlights the blue liquid, and the elegant silver top is the perfect addition. It is a beautiful bottle that will blend in with any fragrance collection, or will look stunning by itself sitting on your counter.

Best Uses

This is a men’s cologne that is ideal for summer time, or for casual weekends at home during the warmer months. Its light, fresh fragrance is great for wearing outdoors, and can be used as a starter cologne for younger guys. The clean ocean scent can also be worn at the gym, to keep you feeling fresh during your workouts. While it should not be worn to formal occasions, it can be a refreshing scent at your office.


The cologne is inexpensively price, even though it comes in elegant packaging. It is easily affordable on student budgets, and does have a good value for your money. It should be noted that this is only true as long as you are looking for a nice, clean, simple fragrance.


Nautica Voyage N-83 may not be the same as the original version, but it still has a clean, refreshing scent that will remind you of the ocean and warm summer days. It is an ideal cologne for younger men, or for anyone who wants a simple fragrance to wear during the summer. While it does not project as well as many other brands, it’s refreshing sea notes will last throughout your busy day.

Tim Lawson (perfume tester)

I used to wear Nautica Voyage when I was younger, and have to admit I was disappointed that it doesn’t smell the same. It does still have a fresh ocean scent, but I could not smell the base notes for very long. While this was disappointing, it is still a good cologne to wear for the summer. I wouldn’t pay a lot of money for it, but at its inexpensive price it does have a good value.

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