Nautica Voyage Cologne Review

Men colognes are never created equal. There are those that always stand out from the crowd no matter the price point. One of this is the Nautica Voyage Cologne. This took the market by storm when it was first introduced in the fashion market in 2006. It has continued to be a favorite to the men fork with the ladies reported to use it as well. Nautica as a brand is known for best quality products and this addition lives up to its name.  The cologne is refreshing and suggests salty sea breeze ferrying romantic scents of coastal woods and herbs. The fragrance is well suited for the active and romantic man, the one who follows no one’s rules and knows where he is going. Those who have used the cologne have nothing but praise about it.  They describe it as fresh smelling and a quality product. They also say it is well packaged and the bottle is big enough to last many uses.

About Nautica Voyage Cologne

A first glance on the Nautica Voyage Cologne exhibits a vibe of summertime or late spring. It is an aquatic perfume that suggests a different kind of summer feel, is less oceanic in nature and imparts a softer and woodsy feel. The apple note gives the cologne a light and crisp fragrance described best as refreshing. The cologne would be best worn during the day and not at night. Its youthful sensibility and delicate charm in particular allure many. As for weight and size, this cologne is not heavy and it has a compact design. Its scent can last for up to 7 hours though this will vary with the person’s chemistry and other factors.

Nautica Voyage Cologne Notes

Top Notes

Apple, Green leaf

Middle Notes

Mimose, Lotus, Yacht

Base Notes

Moss, Amber, Cedar, Musk

When to Wear Nautica Voyage Cologne

The youthful charm and delight presented by Nautica Voyage Cologne is irresistible. Wear this during the day for best results and is ideal for warmer months. You can wear this to the office, beach, or day time social events. Apply it on clothes or pulse areas for best results. Since this cologne is moderate when it comes to longevity, it is best to apply it a few times during the day if you like. The bottle is small and compact and thus can be carried along on your briefcase. When it comes to price, it is lowly priced when compared to other colognes for men. It is a sure quality for money.


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