Nautica Blue Cologne Review

Most of us have heard the adage that goes, “First impressions matter” .Well, it indeed matters and no outfit can be complete without the right cologne. If you are the kind of person who things natural smell is appealing, then it is time to switch to the first lane, where men fragrances are a must-have. You can get a wide variety of colognes, ranging from fresh scents, domineering, impulsive, to mild yet appealing scents. The Nautica Blue Cologne in particular took the market by storm when it was launched by Robert Gaudelli in 1992. This aromatic aquatic masculine fragrance is quite relaxing, stimulating, and citrusy. It is an ideal confidence and mood booster with most buyers drooling for it. Most of them are particularly impressed by the fact that it is longer lasting and less toxic when compared to other colognes. The bottle is also bigger and that means you will use it for a long time.

About Nautica Blue Cologne

Founded by the celebrated designer David Chu, the Nautica brand has continued to stand out as a top manufacturer of clothing as well as fragrances. It first launched its cologne in 1992 which had the company’s name encrypted in the bottle. The Nautica cologne from the exterior to the core speaks quality and class. It has a uniquely-shaped blue bottle that is lightweight and sophisticated in design. Let the opening loose and you are ushered into a completely different world. The fresh fragrance can be an instant cure if you have had an exhausting day. It is a relaxing and a mood booster. The unique blend of ingredients that make up the formulation are responsible for the one-of-a-kind overall scent.

Nautica Blue Cologne Notes

Top Notes

Pineapple, bergamot, peach

Middle Notes

Water lily, jasmine, sage

Base Notes

Sandalwood, cedar, musk

When to Wear Nautica Blue Cologne

Your scent is an invisible accessory that will either make or break your overall outfit. Make a statement with a perfume that leaves a long lasting impact. Nautica Blue Cologne in its 100ml bottle will last many uses. The refreshing and charming fragrance from the cologne is quite relaxing and will change your mood. You can wear it on the pulse areas to get the best results. Wear this for a dinner date, to the office, gym, or during those summer months down the beach. You can never go wrong with this perfume. As for price, this cologne is quite affordable. You can buy it as a gift for your man or a friend.


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