Nautica Aqua Rush : A New Take On Aquatic Fragrances


Pros: affordable, refreshing, marine scented with citrus notes, long lasting

Cons: low projection, occasionally generic scented, some fragrance notes can be lost.

Uses: Summer, casual weekends, gym

The marine notes give the men’s cologne a saltier scent than other water note based fragrances. It is little more complex than other men’s colognes by Nautica, though it is still considered a light fragrance. It will leave you feeling refreshed and clean during workouts or when you are sailing.

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Our Review of Nautica Aqua Rush by Nautica

Nautica Rush by Nautica was created by master perfumer Harry Fremont of the house of Firmenich. Released in 2012, it is a refreshing change from the cleaner scents of the other Nautica men’s colognes. The aquatic fragrance was designed to not only bring you the scent of the open water, but also the salty feel of the ocean. Using marine accords, along with the other fragrance notes Nautica has created something a little different than the normal summertime colognes.

Fragrance Notes

The top notes of the cologne are of course sea notes that are skillfully mingle with a dash of fruity yuzu, and spicy coriander. The middle notes of aquatic mint, violet leaves, and clary sage is refreshing and almost cool, when blended with the other aquatic notes. The bottom notes are aquatic musk and amberwood, mixed with the scent of teak wood. The refreshing cologne is reminiscent of sailing on the open water, without being too sweet or unremarkable.

The Scent

The aquatic and marine notes are blended through the fragrance, and are the first thing that you smell. The citrus notes blend nicely, and will last almost as long as the open water scent. Mingled in during the initial spray are the hints of wood and spice, which give the cologne a nice body that many other aquatic fragrances are lacking.

The Appearance

The solid blue glass bottle is typical Nautica, except that you can’t see the contents inside. It is shaped like a traditional sail, which will remind you that this is a cologne for summer. While the bottle might not look appropriate next to some of the more elegantly designed decanters, it has a fun, lighthearted appearance that you will want to bring out for the warmer seasons.

Best Uses

This cologne can be worn by anyone during the warm summer months, or for when you are working out at the gym. Younger men can wear it during the day for work, but its light fragrance may not suit older gentlemen. It is ideal for lazy days at the beach, or for when you take a day off to go sailing.


Nautica Aqua Rush is inexpensively priced, and provides an excellent value for your money. While it is not complex nor does it have good projection, it will keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day. For an inexpensive men’s cologne it delivers everything you need to smell great on hot sticky days.


Nautica Aqua Rush Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 3.4 Ounce
List Price: $18.53
Price: $14.69
You Save: $3.84
Price Disclaimer

Nautica Aqua Rush has taken a different approach to men’s aquatic fragrances. Adding the marine notes gives it a slightly more complex watery scent. The fruity and spicy notes blend well, and help the cologne be more appropriate for older men. With its low price tag and long lasting fresh scent, it is a unique and pleasant change from the standard aquatic men’s colognes.

Bruce Awnye (perfume tester)

I am pleased to say that Nautica Aqua Rush is different than other aquatic based fragrances. While it still does not project as well as some of the other brands, it does have a nice aquatic scent that is also fresh and citrusy. I wish the teak notes would have been stronger, but overall I think this is a great fragrance to wear during the summer and especially if you love sailing.


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