Our Vote for the Most Seductive Colognes for Men


Smell is an essential sense for memory. Do you ever smell something on a random day and think wow that reminded me of someone I used to know or, hey this scent reminds me of my childhood. I know we’ve all gone through that. Scent is also what attracts us to people. Some men use smell as a seductive pill for women. It is but fitting to have a list for our vote for the most seductive colognes for men. Let the scent seduction begin.

Gucci Pour Homme Ii By Gucci For Men

The brand needs no more introductions. It is well known everywhere in the world. In fact, it is used by men to maybe not with the intention of really seducing women but it is the aura it gives them. What a good perfume for the perfect hunky bachelor. It is best used anytime but especially on special occasions for the working man. Masculinity is heightened with the scent of this lovely fragrance.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

This is one handsome looking perfume. It’s as good as it gets. With such masculine looks, it definitely enhances the self-esteem and makes you smell oh so seductive. 1 million makes us feel one in a million when you are being smothered by gorgeous women. The creator, Paco Rabanne believes that gold has always managed to seduce people. As this is gold and smells just like gold-if you know what we mean- has delightful mixed notes of sensuality and luxury. This is perfect for the dreamy gentlemen. With blond wood, blond leather, grapefruit, mint, rose, and amber, it is destined to get you head over heels for this scent.

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme

Yves Saint Laurent has perfected the masculine perfume. We think this one is a top pick. Ladies go gaga over this fragrance and just keeps asking for more. From the outside look to the quality, it is definitely a must try. Powerful ingredients bring such strong mystery. Spicy accord with freshness of bergamot, lavender, vetiver and sensual feels and elegant covers are all in one in this great piece. Wow. This product gets us hot and feeling seduced and all the more for the women and significant others out there.

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir By Bvlgari For Men

Bvlgari never brings us done. It is known for its classical looking and feeling products. It truly is elegant and classic. With notes of Darjeeling tea, Amber and musk, it is sure to leave us wanting and craving for more. The art of seduction is in this bottle guys! Men love it, women love it even more and the general public just can’t get enough. How wonderful would it be to use this and get compliments about it.


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