What are the Most Popular Cologne for Men for 2014


We have compiled for you a list of the most popular colognes for men. You might be wondering how we came up with this list. Well, we have a criteria brought about by heavy and rigorous research. You won’t regret reading this! As we all know there are numerous kinds of perfumes out there. So many that we are having difficulty picking what the best of them is. Luckily, we humans have similar cravings. As consumers, we want the most sophisticated, elite product there is. Quality, scent, attractiveness and more are attributes to what each individual man prefers. Which is why, we have come up with a list to guide you what the most popular colognes are for men for this wonderful year 2014.

Criteria for Most Popular cologne for men for 2014

All these mentioned here all contribute to the fact that this is why the chosen colognes reviewed in this page are popular. They are popular because people prefer them to many for having all these combined factors of what to and not to buy for perfumes.

  • Price – We believe that price should be the first consideration in every purchase. It’s not necessary to think that just because the cologne is expensive means it should probably be good. NO. That is not the case. There are lots of inexpensive colognes that sell well than branded and expensive ones. So, we keep in mind that price matters and affordability matters.
  • Longevity– Longevity means how long the scent or fragrance lasts on the area applied. Some perfumes last more than 12 hours and some of them only last for an hour or even shorter than that. Note to buyers- it is important to test a particular perfume you have been eyeing on before you finally buy it.
  • Uniqueness of fragrance– Do you want to smell like everybody else? We don’t. Likewise, I’m pretty sure you don’t. Think that there are some fragrances especially for men that are based on the same raw material. Everyone wants to have their own kind of scent. Be different and be appreciated for that.
  • Body Chemistry– As already mentioned, we all have our own body smell. This is likely because of the fact that as human beings and individuals we have skin chemistry. As we apply the scent on our skin, most likely it will smell favorable to us and if not, then do not pick it.
  • Product packaging– This might come as a shock but most people love looking at product packaging. If the packaging was so attractive and it was your most favorite color that just reminded you of your wonderful childhood and oh the excellent material used. Yes, it counts. There are brands that have superb packaging and it affects the marketability of the product.
Swiss Army Eau de Toilette for Men by Swiss Army

The Swiss Army Eau Toilette by Swiss Army must be a good buy and indeed it is. It is a satisfying buy because not only is it most celebrated by men but women love it on their man as well. It has come up to be one of the most popular colognes for men this year. With a very inviting smell and design to it, there is no question but it is one of my number one picks. Since this is on the list and we are sure you expected this on the lost, it means that it’s got all the criteria mentioned. Moreover, it is said to be most recommended for office use. You are a career driven man ready to take on the challenges of work. We believe this cologne is best for you!

Voyage Cologne by Nautica for men Colognes

This brand is also up and rising out in the market. Voyage Cologne has been making quality products of fragrances. They are also known for being classic and modern for its style. We noticed from packaging to the real product, the quality is quite satisfying. The cool green leaf, apple, water lotus, and aquatic elements are undeniably attractive to the senses. It is emerging this year as one of the most popular cologne this year. Nautica will for sure be in the market a long time with the kind of admirable support they are getting from customers.

L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake for Men

Truly, nothing beats a classic. L’eau d’Issey is known for its refined and aquatic fragrance; this cologne is also yet another inviting creation by Issey Miyake. It is a superior fragrance for men. It is well known this year and is continuing to be popular. The aura of this product gives a tingly feel and a scent that is for all. The musk and wood bring out a hot day’s perfect combination of scents. Popular for alleviating the mood and stress levels; the fragrance line is getting more and more exposed, so do customers have nice picks. This one right here is a good pick for anyone out there looking for a refreshing scent. On the criteria, this one has longevity as quality.


Everybody knows Giorgio Armani does in fact make delightful colognes and fragrances. The brand does not need more introductions. It is known that they produce high quality aromas and this one in particular is the kind that blends with our own skin smell and creates sensual feels and even better mood. The citrus, old woo, rosemary and many more spices really do spice up the smell of the Acqua di Gio for men. Must it be in the most popular colognes of this year category or shall I also say it is known in the most preferred by women category? Maybe both.

Mont Blanc Legend

Mont Blanc looks so damn handsome! Is it just us who noticed it? For sure you all noticed that since it has landed on this page and category for being one of the most popular colognes for men. The product and packaging are outstanding; nonetheless the scent of course. We believe that the criteria fit perfectly for this one right here. They say Legend is dedicated to the hard working and courageous man. Passion driven and authentic as a person is a good quality just as this perfume is. It is filled with lavender, verbena, and bergamot, moss, with apple, rose, and dried fruit. Almost all the wondrous natural resources of the world in a bottle cost it to be popular.


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