Most Popular Aftershave for Men


Aftershave is multi-functional and was originally used for the purpose of moisturizing the face after a shave. It also often cools the skin and smooths it after shaving, making the skin glow and the man feeling great. There are varying degrees of aftershaves whether they are a part of a popular cologne collection or a specific healing lotion from a skin care company. With so many options on spoiling your skin post shave, you’re bound to find the perfect after shave. There is also the element of the scent it leaves which is why the cologne companies have an aftershave formulated with the popular colognes. Aftershave brings out a man’s confidence and preserves the skin on his face. See the list below for the top men’s after shaves on the market today.

Clubman Pinaud After Shave Lotion

Clubman Pinaud After Shave LotionWith the essence being imported from France and blended in the USA, this post shaving lotion cools and exhilarates the skin. It aids in healing razor nicks with it’s special ingredients and leaves skin toned and soothed. You’ll be left with a masculine fragrance with the slight scent it leaves. One of the top men’s aftershaves, this high quality lotion that is made for the suave, choosy man.

Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Aftershave

This after shave is all natural with it’s moisturizing and calming characteristics. It contains oils such as coconut and sunflower with a vitamin E formula that nourishes skin. Your face will be left feeling unbelievably fresh. Your skin will instantly transform to a smooth finish with a bright tone. A subtle scent of the natural ingredients will remain

L’Occitane CADE After-Shave Balm for Men

One of the most popular aftershaves for it’s ability to aid skin post shave is CADE. It reduces redness in areas of razor burn with shea butter and birchwood sap. Feelings of tightness will be replaced with an indulgent sense of moisture. Skin is purified with rosemary, juniper and sandalwood oils. Your face will be clear of any indication of shaving and be left fresh and toned to perfection. The balm has a natural relaxing scent that is subtle.

Hugo By Hugo Boss For Men Aftershave Balm

This classic scent is loved and revered with a reputation for attracting women to you. If you’ve just shaved, this after shave will freshen your face up. You will moisten tight skin and relieve irritation from shaving. You can even splash it on if you haven’t shaved to get a subtle hint of this popular cologne.

American Crew for Men Aftershave Balm

American Crew for Men Aftershave BalmAmerican Crew is a great classic scent amongst itself but it has also created a super aftershave that functions on many levels. Your skin will be protected from daily pollutants as this quick absorption balm closes the pores. Your skin will be soothed instantly thanks to the post-shae cooling lotion which acts as an antiseptic. You won’t experience irritation post shave and it also acts as a lightweight moisturizer and a skin rebalancer.


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