Most Attractive Cologne for Men 


When we consider what would be the most attractive cologne for men out there, we have to acknowledge that every woman has their own taste. An exceptional designer can only aspire to hit notes that all women love. There are certain scents that are attractive to all women, which usually consists of fresh, citrus or fruity scents. Undertones of earthy scents such as a musk lets women know of the masculinity he encompasses. A cologne that is considered the most attractive for men must be complex, hitting all of the senses in a woman.

Chrome Azzaro for Men by Azzaro

This cologne knocks the socks off almost every woman that gets into your space. She will be mesmerized by it’s clean, tangy scent. The scent is not overpowering but when a woman gets a faint smell of it, she will seek you out. It exudes a feeling of sportiness that women will find attractive. Masculine without being too earthy, long lasting without being too strong. The perfect blend to create approachability for the opposite sex.

 Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men

This cologne is dangerously alluring for women and has been for decades. Whether it’s the bad boy that wore this cologne or the good girl gone bad when she smells it, there is a power Drakkar has. The man who wears Drakkar Noir better be prepared for the attention he receives from women. Whether you’re young or old, wearing this cologne will make you attractive to women. The sexual intrigue and turning of heads is like no other and when you wear this cologne, you belong to the night.

 Obsession by Calvin Klein for Men

A long standing scent, this cologne is considered one of the most attractive colognes for men. With it’s strong and potent scent, you will linger in a room long after you are gone. Due to it’s potency, every woman in the room will smell you as you distract them from their conversations. The masculine notes and botanical scents are like an aphrodisiac for women. If you are a man that can handle sexual attention and the adoration of women, Obsession by Calvin Klein is your cologne.

 Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male By Jean Paul Gaultier For Men

You are going to turn heads when you wear this cologne that easily attracts people to you. The scent is exciting and vibrant which automatically makes people who smell it feel an increase in their mood. They will look to you as though you were solely responsible for making them happy. There will be an openness to everyone you come into contact to as the scents waft to women around you. Strangers will compliment how put together you are and how wonderful you smell. The cologne will create an attraction, the rest is up to you.

Perry Ellis 360 Red By Perry Ellis For Men


This cologne can be worn for men of youth as well as more mature men. This is one of the colognes that are the most attractive for men of any age. It’s masculine notes are undeniably sensual and mysterious. Women find it difficult to hold themselves back from a man who wears this cologne. It has a scent that makes women think class and wealth which is a potent combination.


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