What’s the Best Cologne For Men?


Best Cologne for Men
How does a man like you define yourself? By the clothes you wear? By the people you hang out with? Or by the way you choose your cologne? Of course, what really matters is the personality of the man behind those clothes, friends and scents. But do you really know who and what you are?

Studies show that a man’s scent says a lot about him.

Do you want to make a good, lasting impression to everyone you come into contact with? Then it’s time to use a cologne to captivate the people who matter – family, friends, significant others, colleagues, and yes, even your superiors.

But choosing the best cologne for men seems to be too difficult, what with all the hype surrounding each brand. Every cologne in the market today promises to make you a standout, the object of every woman’s fantasy, the subject of admiring glances, the man that other men would envy.

But how would you know which is the best cologne for a man like you?

We’re aware that men like you are always pressed for time so we’ve set up a comprehensive table that lists down the product specifications of each of the top colognes featured here. With this table, you can compare the products at a glance. Choose the ones that match your lifestyle and click the links for more details.


What You Need to Know About Men’s Cologne

Fragrance StrengthDon’t ever think that buying the men’s cologne should be taken lightly. As with anything that you spend on, you have to make certain considerations, especially because some fragrances do have hefty price tags. So before you part with your precious cash, here are some things that we believe you ought to know.

But before anything else, let’s tackle that age-old confusion about perfumes and colognes. Some people say that perfumes are for women while colognes are for men. No, that is a misconception. In reality, many of the best cologne for men are actually perfumes.

The truth is, perfume and cologne are just some of the words used by perfumers to ascertain a fragrance’s strength and potency that may affect its longevity and projection. Don’t expect a Eau de Cologne (EDC) to keep you smelling great for the whole day because it only has anywhere from two to five per cent perfume oil. On the other hand, a perfume which usually has fifteen to twenty five per cent perfume oil wouldn’t be your best bet if you’ll be confined in small places on a hot, summer day. That’s why it’s best to read the label of the colognes that you wish to buy.

How to Use Colognes

Ideal Spots for Men's CologneBear in mind that colognes are fragrances that are only sprayed or dabbed on the skin, not water to be showered all over your body. Just put a little on your pulse points – the base of the throat and wrists.

If you want to extend the longevity of your cologne, use a soap and aftershave that has a similar scent. Better yet, buy a set that has a cologne, soap and aftershave.

Feel free to use this guide in choosing the best cologne for men that will suit you best.

Below you will find more detailed review of top five colognes selected based on in depth research and experts recommendations to save research time of our readers.

Reviews and Top Picks

And by top, we really mean the ones that belong to the best-loved, highly revered, but not necessarily expensive colognes out there today. Sure, some of the brands do have hefty price tags, but some don’t. Our reviews discuss each of the featured cologne’s smell, longevity, projection and occasion. We have also included the awards (if any) that a best cologne for men received and other details that a buyer like you would definitely want to know.

Cologne Categories

If you’ve been searching for the best cologne for men, chances are, you’ve encountered terms like fougeres, aquatics, Orientals and the like. Don’t get confused – these only refer to the typical ingredients of a certain group of perfumes. Here are some of the most common:

Fragrance Wheel


The fresh scent of the sea as it combines with aromatic woods is what this group captures. Smelling aquatics reminds you of a warm, sunny day spent at the beach.


Citrus and spice and everything nice – this group to gives you the feeling of walking in the meadows on a nice, warm day.


Yes, flowers and blooms are used in some best cologne for men but these are not your usual “girly” flower types like roses, violets or plumerias.  used in cologne, flowers and blossoms are referred to as florals. Men’s floral colognes typically have orange blooms, lavenders and in some occasions, jasmines.


No fragrances ever contain more of the sweet-soury scents of lemon, lemon grass, orange, lime, and grapefruit than colognes of this variety.


Orientals have that certain pull, what with their “sweetly animalistic” scent, thanks ingredients like amber, vanilla and tonka beans.


Women love sweets and men love spices. This is a fact that shows with the latter’s affinity for spicy fragrances like rosemary, ginger, nutmeg, mace, cinnamon and clove.


Want to smell like a woody forest? Then consider this group because it smells like sandalwood, bergamot, pine, and balsam.


The heady scent of musk comes from animals, most specifically the sperm whale. Today, however, this scent can be prepared in laboratories.


Now, if you’d rather smell like a virgin forest, fougeres are for you. These have ingredients like oakmoss, lavender and fragrant woods like cedar, balsam, etc.


As the name implies, this fragrance group contains fruits other than citruses. Mangoes, peaches, apples, berries, pineapples, passion fruits are among the most used for this category.


The warm and dry aroma of smoke, incense and leather is what comes to mind with vertivers. These contain the essential oils of the plant of the same name and deemed as one of the most important ingredients in manly fragrances.

Factors Affecting Your Choice of Cologne



Your personality must be the first consideration you have to take when choosing the best cologne for men. You should get something that suits your tastes and preferences and not because you just want to smell like your co-worker who gets a lot of compliments from girls and men alike. Here’s a guide to personalities and perfumes:

Sports buffaquatics and aromatics

Debonair – fougeres and vertivers

Artistic – florals and Orientals

Hikers – Citruses

Outdoor types – woods and spices


It’s equally important to know which type of cologne should be worn on a specific occasion. Heavier scented colognes are best for the outdoors or nighttime activities like bar-hopping or partying up to the wee hours of the morning, while the lighter ones suit enclosed spaces and daytime events like work or school.

Fougeres and Vertivers are recommended for formal events while aromatics and aquatics are best for those days when you know you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors.


The seasons affect our body chemistry – how much and how often we sweat, our skin’s moisture, etc. That’s why there are colognes that best fit a certain season. Aquatics, citruses and fruity scents are best used for spring and summer as these smell clean and fresh even after a long day under the sun. Woods and spices are recommended for autumn while Orientals and Vertivers suit the winter season best.

Longevity and Projection

Simply put, longevity refers to how long a certain cologne  lasts on your skin while projection is how much you and others around you can smell it. These are directly affected by the strength of the perfume. Eau de Parfums (EDP) can last anywhere from 8-12 hours while Eau de Colognes (EDC) can only last from 4-6 hours.

You can say that a cologne has a good projection based on the compliments you draw from others around you – co-workers, schoolmates, girlfriends, etc.


When it comes to men’s colognes, economy should not be equated with price. A high-end EDP may cost a lot initially, but since you’ll only be using less than an EDC, you’ll be saving a lot. However, there are also cheap fragrances that last long and project well.

Tips in Choosing the Best Cologne for Men

Want to ensure that you’ll only be getting the cologne that fits you well? Here are some tips:

1.) Read product reviews

Good product reviews are not the ones which hail all the positive qualities of a fragrance. It should include the pros and cons as well as a detailed description of a product. In the case of cologne product reviews, it must discuss each cologne’s scent or notes, longevity, projection, season and occasion.

2.) Use comparison tables

Nothing can give you a quicker way to assess the different features of various colognes than comparison tables that list down the factors affecting the choice of colognes.

3.) Consider customer ratings

Who else but actual users can give you a true glimpse of what a particular cologne really smells and feels like? A fragrance that gets a 4-5 out of 5 stars from users is an indication that it really delivers what it claims.

4.) Consider your lifestyle

Last but not the least, think of your lifestyle and what a cologne can do to enhance it. As they say, the way you smell creates an impression on the people around you.

Your Turn

After your review of our comprehensive guide of the best cologne for men that got the highest rankings, it is now your turn to pick the cologne that will suit your personality with the price that is within your range.

As you know every year different manufactures launch new colognes in the market. For that reason comparison chart will be updated with new colognes to take care of your needs. We welcome your comments and suggestions.


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