A Guide to Men’s Cologne Etiquette


There are rules and guidelines for every part of a man’s grooming routine, and this includes how to apply cologne. Often men unknowingly apply to little of a lighter fragrance like Voyage Cologne from Nautica or drench themselves in a stronger scent. This either makes it pointless to wear cologne, or it can drive people away from you. If you are just becoming interested in men’s fragrances or simply want to make sure you are applying the correct amount of cologne, we have put together a guide that will help explain men’s cologne etiquette.

Tips for Applying Men’s Cologne

Your chosen scent should make you feel more confident and even sexier, and it should never announce your presence when you enter a room. The scent should be subtly sensed without making your companions sneeze. A good tip to remember is that your cologne should only be present in a small area in front of you, generally only a foot or so away from your body. This is ideal if you are wearing a stronger scent like Black by Kenneth Cole, whose fruity undertones will have your leaning pleasantly leaning closer.

Some men’s fashion experts recommend following the “two spray” rule if you aren’t sure how to wear men’s fragrances. This will ensure that you have a pleasing scent that doesn’t announce your presence from another room. Another important tip to remember for all types of men’s fragrances is to make sure you don’t apply it to just one area. This will prevent it from becoming concentrated is a single area. If you are wearing a scent like Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein and you want it to last all evening, try applying a couple drops to your chest. Your shirt will trap the scent, helping it to last longer.

When to Skip Cologne or Keep it Light

There are times when even the best men’s cologne should be skipped, no matter how great it might smell. This includes swimming pools where the fragrance can react with the chlorine which can drastically alter its scent. The chemical ingredients in men’s cologne might also cause skin reactions, which can also include sensitivity to the sun’s UV rays. Proper cologne etiquette also applies when you are flying, your favorite fragrance can change dramatically at 30,000 feet and not smell quite as pleasant. It is also a nice gesture to make for the person stuck sitting next to you on the airplane.

You always want to keep your cologne applications moderate while you are at work, and you also want to stick with lighter fragrances. Guilty from Gucci is a light, citrus based men’s cologne that is almost sweet, and it still won’t be overpowering if you accidently splash a little more on than you wanted. If you are still worried about wearing too much cologne at the office, start applying a couple drops of the fragrance to your chest. While this will make the scent last longer, it also makes it harder to smell from a distance.

3 Ways to Apply Men’s Cologne

If you still aren’t sure if you are wearing to much or too little cologne, here are three mistake proof ways to make sure you always smell your best.
1. There is several pulse points on your body that will help your fragrance last longer, and since you are only applying a couple drops you don’t have to worry about over doing it. The insides of your wrists, and behind your ears are the preferred places for most men. The base of your throat is another pulse point that you can also use to keep smelling great throughout the day.

2. If you are still worried that you might be offending your friends and coworkers then applying the cologne to your chest may be your best choice. Your shirt will help to trap the fragrance next to your body, so only a little bit of the scent is released in the air. It is also a nice surprise for anyone that might decide to give you a hug. After all who wouldn’t enjoy a whiff of Versace pour Homme.

3. If you are using spray cologne for men, then the most important tip to remember is to never spray the scent directly on your body. Stand a few feet away as your spritz, and make sure that it doesn’t drip directly onto your clothes. The best rule to remember when you are spraying your cologne, is that two short sprays are usually enough.

By following these simple tips you can rest assured that you always smell great, and you won’t have to worry about how much cologne you might be wearing.


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